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ETA:. I've changed the announcement color to orange because smart folks reminded me that red can be highly triggering.  I have no idea where my brain went, probably on an insomnia holiday.  I was trying to cycle through the colors we have available..... I'm so sorry and thank you for the ready feedback! Patricia

So much fun content happening now for Pandy’s.  The WordPress version of the site is up and running, so please take a gander at the article page.  If you have a topic you would like to see explored, please send a Board Moderator a PM or put something in the Help Desk.  We will research the topic and fill in our articles that way.  


We have the ability to take donations now, and we definitely could use your help.  Think about a one time or a continuing donation if you can afford that generous sharing.  Pandy’s is a 501c3 nonprofit, so every donation is tax deductible.  Donations are secure through Stripe and your information is safe.  We need the funds to pay for our web hosting, email, domain renewal.  https://pandys.org/donate/.  All of our “people resources” are volunteers.  We would like to add a chat module now that we’ve been able to move to a format that will support chat.  This will require some extra software expense each month based on the research we’ve doing.  

Invision also has a mobile device app and we are in the process of getting the module set up on the server side for Pandy’s.  We believe this may be why many users find their mobile devices are less helpful.  Once we getting  this application set up we will add a new announcement.  Users will need to go to the appropriate App Store for their device (s) to be able to use the mobile Invision application.

We cannot thank you enough for your support and patience while we worked on getting things updated.  Don’t hesitate to pass ideas on to the Board Moderation team, and keep your eyes open for any funding opportunities you can suggest as well.

Welcome to 2021 with Joy,

Patricia for the Board Moderation Team