Board Changes & Important News

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Board Changes and Important News

Pandoras Aquarium was established in 1999 by Shannon L, and has grown since then to an incredible and diverse membership from all over the world. Now the time has come for Shannon to step down from her role as the main Director, and hand those reigns over.  

We would like to thank Shannon deeply for her vision in setting this place up, a place which has been a support and a place of hope and friendship for so many people over the years.

Board Moderator Patricia has agreed to take over as the main Director for Pandoras Aquarium, a step I am sure we are all truly grateful for, to ensure the continued presence of Pandoras Aquarium for all who need this place. 

Some of you may be aware that there has been a Pandys presence on Facebook as well. We have tried to take over the running of the existing page, but that has not been possible.  Facebook may or may not in time be able to take that page down. 

In the meanwhile, another page has been set up, where announcements can be made of any downtime, or other board issues.

Please do keep an eye on this page

It is run jointly by all the current Board Moderators, and we can be reached there as well as on the main email  

We will also be adding a donations page and link within the next few weeks so we can raise the funds we need to cover the operating expenses to keep Pandy's operational.  Our target annual budget is $7,000 to cover web hosting, domain fees, and technical support.  If you know of any grants that might find a non-profit like Pandy's, post about it in the Help Desk with a link and/or a scan of any documents.  Patricia is an experienced grant writer from her years in public education, and she will take a look.  

Please be assured of the commitment of all of us to keep Pandys alive, safe and thriving.

The Board Moderators Team

Hope, Jenny, Jesse, Patricia