Please, No Political Threads

This announcement is no longer active


Dear Pandy's Members,

As we did four years ago, we need to avoid political conversations on Pandy's.  We are first and always a forum dedicated to healing from sexual violence.  Of course current events will impact us, but because there are so many of us with different political opinions, we must keep a safe and neutral zone here.  An additional feature we must consider is that Pandy's is an international forum and the United States political situation is not necessarily a critical topic to all members here

  We are keeping a moratorium on all political threads and ask that none be started or be added to any existing threads.  Emotions are high with wonderful members on both sides of every issue.  If you wish to discuss political issues, there are many political forums set up online to support that conversation.  You can also discuss the survivorship issues with your therapist in a safe place. We must keep Pandy's balanced and politics free zone to keep it safe for all members.

Thank you so much for understanding and respect for all members here.

With great care and respect,

Patricia for the Moderating Team