Welcome new Board Moderators

This announcement is no longer active


Congratulations to HangingOn2Hope, now Hope, and Prism707, now Jesse, who have graciously stepped up to become Board Moderators on Pandy's.  Please give them a warm Pandy's welcome as they get used to the technology background work needed to keep the software humming. 

As many of you know, Susan has been going through some prolonged cancer treatment, so she is remaining with her status set as AWAY while she continues to undergo another round of chemotherapy.  Her PM inbox is closed, so if you need some help, please reach out to one of us or use the Help Desk.  

Brittany and Violet have both decided to step down given the demands of the outside world at this time.  They may be able to return at another time, but we always wish members the best as they take the best path for them.

Many hugs to you all in this pandemic environment,

Patricia and the Board Moderation Team