Media Guidelines


Media Sharing:


Images are limited to the Gallery, Fun and Survivor Creativity forums, on status updates and on members blogs. Images posted will be removed by the moderating team if they are overtly triggering or graphic.  Please be sensitive to the needs of other survivors when posting images in your gallery or elsewhere. 

Images on status updates need to be accompanied by words and the image needs to reflect those words.

Images shared in blogs need to be related directly to the members healing journey, for example collage work and other art/images which relate to the written post. 

Wherever possible, attribute the source of the image so you are not violating copyright.  If you are the creator of the image understand that you are posting in a website with public access. 

You may post photographs of other people only with their permission. All posted images must be appropriate for a large audience of survivors of many ages. You may not post photographs of your abuser unless he or she has been convicted of the crime he or she perpetrated against you. In this case, please contact a moderator before posting any photographs. To protect Pandora's Aquarium from liability, you will need to provide evidence that your perpetrator has been convicted and that the photograph you are submitting is of the person who was convicted.


You may post entertainment-related videos or clips, such as music, animals, etc within the Entertainment forum. As with images, please keep copyright in mind and reference the source in your description on the video.  These must be appropriate for all ages and should not be triggering. Please provide a written description of the clip you've linked to. Please seek moderator approval for any clip that may be potentially triggering by sending a member of the moderating team the link. Members should be aware that moderators have not reviewed each video and watch them at their own risk, although we will make every reasonable effort to remove inappropriate videos swiftly.

On the rest of the board:

If the video is healing-related and on topic, a link to the video may be shared elsewhere on the board. Please describe in words the video you are sharing a link to.

We have members accessing the board through assistive technology for visual impairment - following the theme of discussion in a thread when using this software can be very difficult when members are sharing Youtube clips and images rather than actually speaking to one another.

Images, Videos or clips that are posted outside of these guidelines will be removed by the moderating team.

The Board Moderating Team