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Triggering Media: Television

Here is a list of possibly triggering television shows and made for TV movies. If you want to add something to this list, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Title Medium Comments
Television Show
Episode 8am - 9am. This show deals with a government agent who has his family kidnapped in an attempt to get him to comply with an assasination attempt. During this episode one of the captors attempts to rape his daughter but her mother "offers" herself to be raped instead. The rape happens offscreen but can be triggering.
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Man rapes his wife, attempts to rape her teen daughter, and in a scene that made me sick to my stomach, murders his mistress.
Television Show
Series Two, Episode 4 is called 'Untouched' and it centers around a girl who was abused by her father. It's not explicit but there are flashback scenes which triggered me.
Broken Silence: A moment of truth movie
Made for TV movie
Its about a 16 year girl who is an aspiring track star. Her coach rapes her after a training session.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Television show
Season Six, Episode 18 is called 'Seeing Red' and it features an attempted rape of one of the main characters. This is discussed in later episodes, and is expected to form a key part of Season 7.
Child of Rage
Made for TV movie
Deals with the rape of a child and the effects.
A Deadly Silence
Made for TV Movie
Incest victim on trial for hiring someone to kill her father.
Deceived By Trust: Moment of Truth
Made for TV Movie
High school principal sexually harrasses his students.
The Delibrate Stranger
Made for TV Movie
The story of Ted Bundy. Enough said, I think.
El Premio Mayor
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Character is raped, becomes pregnant, and dies in childbirth.
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Esmeralda, who is blind, is raped by her doctor, but thinks she is making love to her husband. When she turns up pregnant, the doctor claims it is his child (but he is sterile) nearly destroying her marriage.
Fight For Justice: The Nancy Conn Story
Made for TV Movie
I think this may be a true story. Nancy, and a relative are raped, but the relative does not survive the attack. Movie centers around what happens when the rapist is paroled.
Made for TV Movie
A rape victim struggles through the trial experience, meanwhile her "supportive" husband is sleeping with the prosecutor.
Made for TV Movie
There's a rape scene of a young Jewish girl.
Home and Away
Soap Opera
Home and Away of all places seems to have "cashed in" on this subject lately. A 16 year old girl was raped by a boy from her year. I have found this triggering as it was very close to home. Scenes of him harrassing her, and of her going through the pain. They should put trigger warnings on programmes like this! There will no doubt be more to come with the court case, so if you watch home and away, be prepeared.
Homicide: Life On The Street
Television Show
Periodically deals with rape/murders. But there is a Det. Bayliss who is a molestation survivor. Many episodes deal with him being triggered by child sex crimes, his relationship to his abuser, and his bisexuality issues. Triggering for me because like Bayliss, my abuse centered around holidays, birthdays, and family events.
In the Best Interest of the Child
Made for TV movie
This is sooooo sad!! A father if sexually abusing his daughter and the mother fights to keep him away from her only to find the judge does NOTHING! So then the mother is charged with kidnapping when she takes her daughter away from this maniac! The mother hid the daughter with her aunt and the mother is still in prison.
Law< & Order: Special Victims' Unit
Television Show
The focus of the show is sex crimes. It is a wonderful show, but can be triggering.
Liar Liar
Lifetime T.V. Movie
A young girl gets revenge on father by telling school of abuse, everyone thinks she is lying but it turns out in the end that she is telling the truth. Rape scene...
Locura De Amor
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Girl is raped by her teacher.
The Maxx
Cartoon Series
The series focuses on a woman who was raped and in order to repress it makes up a fantasy world with a superhero, the Maxx. Episode 2 in the series is especially triggering when the girl discusses what happened to her. I found the series healing in a way, but also very hard to watch.
Mi Destino Eres Tu
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Girl is drugged and raped. She becomes pregnant, and dies as a result of a backdoor abortion.
Mujeres Enganadas
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Attempted Rape. The victim is also nearly forced into doing porn by her drug dealer.
HBO series
Male/prison rape in alot of episodes; also, a female doctor was raped this season. Good series but triggering
Overkill: The Aileen Wuornos Story
Made for TV Movie
Woman is abused as a child and turns into a serial killer whose victims are men who picked her up along the roads.
The Price She Paid
Made for TV Movie
It was about a woman who was raped - got pregnant - he got put in jail - she kept and raised the baby - 12 yrs later he gets out of prison and seeks joint custody of the child.
The Preppie Murder
Made for TV Movie
True story of Jennifer Levin, who was raped and murdered.
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
A little girl is raped and murdered. Trial scene, complete with graphic flashbacks.
Secret Cutting
Made for TV Movie
Huge self injury issues. Filled with graphic scenes of cutting. Very hard to watch for cutters.
The Secret She Carried
Made for TV Movie
Rape victim gives birth to child as a result, putting a strain on her marriage. Rapist returns to steal the baby.
She Fought Alone
Made for TV Movie
Rape victim is harrassed by her community.
She Woke Up Pregnant
Made for TV Movie
Silencing Mary
Made for TV Movie
Hot shot college football star rapes a girl, but her roommate fights back.
Something About Amelia
Made for TV Movie
An eldest daughter being molested by her father, played by Ted Danson
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Rape and its aftermath. Also teen girls sleeping with their teachers. One character grapples with anorexia.
The Sopranos
HBO series
This is a really good show but in the episode titled "Employee Of The Month" there is a very graphic and disturbing rape scene that takes place in a parking garage. It happens very suddenly about halfway through the show. Since the show is a series, and it happened to a very pivotal character, there are going to be references to it throughout the rest of the show's season. Be prepared!
Stand Against Fear: A Moment of Truth Movie
Made for TV Movie
High school football players molest a girl, and when she speaks out, the community harrasses her.
The Third Twin
Made for TV Movie
Several scenes of rape and/or attempted rape. Also has a victim confronted by her attacker and identifing him in a criminal line up....good movie....but VERY TRIGGERING!!
Tres Mujeres
Soap Opera (Spanish Language)
Main character Fatima is the victim of attempted date rape at least twice. She is eventually raped and beaten to a pulp by a "good friend".
Ultimate Betrayal
Made for TV Movie
Its about adult sisters who take their father to court for 40-30 years of suffing from incest/rape and physical abuse when they were children.
Unspeakable Acts
Made for TV Movie
About sexual abuse in a daycare setting.
Lifetime Movie
graphic/violent rape scene with the most accurate attempt of showing what a flashback is like, that i have ever seen. be very careful viewing this.

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