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*This site is not currently maintained but please feel free to browse the useful information here. You can find support at Pandora's Aquarium Messageboard*

Welcome to Escaping Hades. My name is Lis and I was raped six years ago. I tell my story on this site, many other survivors have told their stories here.. I hope that you will find many useful resources here and learn to call this site a home for your healing.

If you take one thing with you when you leave this site, please let it be the knowledge that it was not your fault. It does not matter what you wore, or how you acted. It does not matter if you were friends with, dating or married to your attacker. It does not matter if you were intoxicated. You were the victim. Now, you are the survivor.

The links above will take you through the site. Please stay safe when exploring Escaping Hades, as many pages may be triggering. If you have just been raped or assaulted, and you are coming here to learn more about your options, and what you should do, please click here. For more on the meaning of the name of this site, please click here.

a message board for all survivors of sexual violence
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Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense tactics and techniques for women.
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RAINN: the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network

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Disclaimer: I am not a therapist, and although I have been trained as a counselor through the sexual assault group on my campus, I am by no means a professional. I am a survivor, just like you are. Use this site as a resource, but build a safety net for yourself as well. Find a therapist, call RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE, buy The Courage to Heal and surround yourself with people who will help you and make you feel safe on your journey.

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