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Rape and Sexual Abuse Survivors

As a csa survivor and a lesbian I have often felt marginalised in society......but not here. Here I am accepted, encouraged and supported in a way I never believed possible.

I often felt like I was never accepted anywhere...but Pandy's has helped me feel like I actually belong...This place accepts me, ALL of me.

Knowing there is an lgbt safe space at Pandys is a huge reassurance to me. I know that if I meet a lesbian survivor I can refer them to this huge, accepting and open minded community waiting for them. I often speak to people who feel they don't have many places to turn because of their gender identity or sexuality. In combination with survivor issues it can be really hard to open up completely and that's what is needed in a support group. It's really important to have a safe place to openly discuss things and I can never say how much I appreciate Pandy's contributions towards that.

I don't feel like I fit in anywhere because I'm always afraid other women will misinterpret my compassion. Here I feel better. I feel like I can be compassionate and receive compassion without my fear becoming true.

In Pandy's, I found a space where it is safe to explore everything I'm going through with other survivors. Every other website basically had dry material and stastistcs. If it offered anything, it said something along the lines of ..."oh, it's awful (being a survivor)....years of therapy, trouble with attachments and relationships..." I wanted something to help me now with my day to day living and healing. I found it here.

What brings us together at Pandy's transcends the various differences between us. Our mutual pain and need for healing override the prejudices and divisions that might separate us elsewhere. Because everyone understands the gravity of what we are dealing with, there is a great sense of care, respect, and patience with one another here. I don't think I've ever been part of a more tolerant and thoughtful community. If something comes up that could be offensive or detrimental to the healing process, the mods are quick to intervene. Beautiful.

Being able to use my one true voice in such an open community gives me a sense of freedom i never thought i would have. To be accepted, encouraged, listened to, gives me the strength to be who i truly am in my everyday life. No matter how ashamed society may make me feel of who and what I am, i know that Pandy's will always be a place where i can feel safe, whole, and ultimately be myself.

When I joined Pandy, I didnt' know there was a separate section for LGBT survivors. I was pleasantly surprised to find individualized sections for many "sub-specialities". I have always felt very free everywhere on Pandy to openly state being a "lesbian" and have feel accepted for who I am in total everyplace...not just in the LGBT section. (but the special section is nice esp. for those survivors who are questioning). Beyond that, there are many lesbians who are survivors...and so we are plentiful here! Ame

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