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Coping with Panic Attacks

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Posted 26 March 2008 - 07:17 AM

Kindness of Lauren:


Coping With Panic Attacks

Know the Physical Symptoms of a Panic Attack

Palpitations/racing heart
Trembling or shaking
Weak knees
Dizziness, unsteadiness, faintness
Chest pain or discomfort
Numbness or tingling sensation (pins and needles)
Nausea, upset stomach, abdominal distress
Muscle pains
Feeling of unreality
Weak bladder
Visual disturbances
Dry mouth and throat
Shortness of breath of smothering sensation
Hot flashes, cold chills
Fear of disease or of dying
Fear of going crazy or losing control

Getting Yourself through an Attack

Breathe slowly and deeply.
Don't worry what other people are thinking. In general, people can't
tell by looking at you that you are having a panic attack.
Tell yourself nothing serious will happen to you.
Let the attack peak and pass. Do not fight the attack.
Take any prescribe PRNs.
Think positively. Positive self talk.
Listen to music.
Focus on external things, i.e. the different colors in the room or
the cars passing by.
Talking with someone.
Getting fresh air.
Eating or drinking something.
Changing scenery.
Moving around.
Watch light TV/Movie
Cuddle a teddy, blanket, or pillow
Avoid crowds
Drawing, painting, crafting, etc.
Use a cold washcloth.
Look at comforting pictures.
Reach out for support: post on Pandy's, call a hotline, call your T, etc.
Quiet your inner critic.
Put on a comforting scent (body lotion or perfume).
Have a cool or hot drink.
Spend time with pets.

Things to do on a Regular Basis

Exercise to help burn off excessive adrenaline.
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
Eat regular meals and avoid processed foods and drinks, to keep
blood sugar levels stable.
Don't bottle up your emotions. Find someone to confide in.
Learn and practice relaxation techniques.
Reduce your exposure to unnecessary stress.
Join a self-help group.
Carry a cell phone for when you need to call people
Don't focus on the people around you when out, just look in front of you.
Read self-help book.
Meditate regularly

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