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Posted 09 December 2007 - 09:04 PM

Abantu for Development Nairobi
P.O. Box 56241, Nairobi, Kenya
TEl: + 254 2 570343
Fax#: + 254 2 570668
E-mail: abantu@africaonline.co.ke
Website: www.abantu.org

African Women for Conflict Resolution and Peace Project
Box 30218, Nairobi
TEl: 254 2 228 776

African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
Issues: Environment, Human Rights, Media & Communication, Violence Against Women.
Off Westland Road, Next to Chiromo Hotel, P.O. Box 54562, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 741301/ 254 2 741320
Fax #: 254 2 742927
Email: femnet@africaonline.co.ke
Website: www.africaonline.co.ke.femnet

Chemchemi Ya Ukweli
PO Box 14370, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 2 446970
Fax # : + 254 2 444023
Email: chemchemi@cluminternetk.com

Coalition on Violence Against Women - COVAW
Issues: Human Rights, Policy/Government, Reproductive Rights, Violence Against Women
Off Ngonh Road, PO Box 7631, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 712423
Fax #: 254 2 716648
Email: covaw@iconnect.co.ke

African Women's Development and Communication Network

Off Westlands Road, Next to Chiromo Hotel
P.O. Box 54562, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 254-2-741301/20
Fax #: 254-2-742927
Email: femnet@africaonline.co.ke
Web-site: Femnet

Gender Advisory Board Africa Region Secretariat
Collaborate with governments and all stakeholders including international agents, national, local government organisations and the society on matters of Gender, science and technology for Sustainable Human Development in Africa Region. Geographical area of operations Currently Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.
P.O Box 4125, Kampala, Uganda
Clement Hill Road, Plot 34, Nakasero
Tel: l256-41-341666 / 259904
Fax #: 256-41-259904
E-mail gabafrica@utlonline.co.ug / gabafrica@kabissa.org
Web Address: http://www.gabafrica.kabissa.org

Horn of Africa Women Knowledge Network

P. O. Box 20956, K.N.H.
Nairobi, Kenya.
Tel: 254-2-560486
Fax: 254-2-567112
E-mail: conference@acwict.or.ke

International Federation of Women Lawyers - Kenya
Issues: Human Rights, Indigenous Women, Labor/Workers' Rights, Policy/Government, Political Participation, Reproductive Rights, Trafficking, Violence Against Women, Women's Identity/Theory/Analysis
FIDA-K, PO Box 46324, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 717169/714629/718370
Fax #: 254 2 716840
Email: fida-kenya@africaonline.co.ke,uafrica@ns1.africaonline.co.ke

Juba Women Development Center
PO Box 3885, Nairobi
Tel: 254 2 714 566
Fax #: 254 2 714 566

Okwacho Rise Women Development Centre
Their goal is to empower and educate women to realize their vast potential in participating in the socio-economic and political development of their respective regions and also to offer guidance and counseling services to victims of rape, violence, FGM, etc. They offer education and counseling and information on constitutional and civil rights.
PO Box 1272
Kissii Kenya
Ph#: (254) 0384-31266

Sudanese Women Association in Nairobi (SWAN)
Their goal is to enhance unity among Sunanese women in Nairobi and Kisumu, empower women economically, socially and politically through education, literacy and skills training, develop human rights education and programs to eliminate harassment and violence against women and assist female victims of violence, and strengthen the positive role of women in peace and security.
PO Box 67464
Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: (254) 2 560329 or 571726
Fax#: (254) 2 571726
Email: swan@maf.org or swan@swiftkenya.com

Upper Nile Women Association
P.O. Box 21765, Nairobi
Tel: 0733-747416

The Women Today: New Sudan Women Federation
P.O. Box 12109, 00100-GPO, Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 577 531/29/30 or 568 478
Ph/Fax#: 577 531/29
Email: nswf@todays.co.ke

Women's Network Centre

Issues: Economic Opportunity, Human Rights, Non Formal Education, Violence Aghainst Women
PO Box 88739, Mombasa
Tel: 254 11 225835
Fax #: 254 11 314490
Email: wno@swiftmombasa.com

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