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Alternative remedies - share your thoughts

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#16 MelK

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Posted 11 June 2010 - 09:21 AM

There's a lot of scientific evidence for the effectiveness of alternative remedies and treatments readily available in the west (you can see this on PubMed among other places). There are also many people who find them helpful, and that's good enough in itself.

Something that worked really well for me here in the UK is MyoComplex (which includes passionflower, valerian, calcium and magnesium). It helped me get some sleep when my insomnia was really bad. I think they now market it as being for PMS, but my doctor recommended it for insomnia and it's good.

#17 waterfountain

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Posted 30 June 2010 - 05:17 PM

EFT - best remedy yet! emofree.com download the mannual for free
Shamanic Healing
Deep Tissue Massage
Breathing through feelings
Talk therapy
Reiki Healing
Sea Salt Baths
Smudging Aura with Sage saying this light invocation three times "I invoke the light of God within, I am a clear and perfect channel, Light is my guide"
Bach Flower Alcholol free remedies
B vitamins
Calcuim Magnuism
Multi Vitamins
Herbs/Herbal teas
Low Gi diet, eating every two to three hours, foods like greek yogurt, veggies etc
Yoga, be ware of raising cons. though
Having Fun! laughter, enjoyment is best remedy

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#18 Scherzo

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Posted 12 August 2011 - 04:36 PM

I find some things really are miracles, like ginger. Ginger is really soothing on a sore throat or upset stomach, for most people. Ginger tea might not cure a cold, but it certainly feels good during one. When I had surgery and had to have a tube down my throat, I sucked on little ginger tablets, and it was not only delicious, it improved my sore throat considerably.

But it's also true that there are lots of companies who just throw leaves together and market it at ridiculous prices. But, at worst, a lot of those herbal remedies aren't BAD for you, just probably not as helpful as a Tylenol, and some are expensive. Drinking a nice warm cup of ________ herb tea to calm your nerves is always nice-- maybe it's not the herb that helps, maybe it's the warmth, and you happen to like the flavour. Chamomile tea is nice, but doesn't work on me... I do have LOADS of it, though. Just in case one day it works. Hehe.

I was born with some facial defects-- nothing major, it's all been corrected by surgery and I look totally normal now. But I don't have a sense of smell! Because of all the surgery on my nose, I can't depend on any aromatherapy. tongue.gif I'll stick to my ginger tablets...

#19 itsjustme

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Posted 04 May 2013 - 03:17 AM

I take cranberry pills for minor UTIs and Vitex (main ingredient in chaste berry)to regulate my hormone levels. My doctor actually warned me against using natural methods for hormone regulation but when my blood hormone levels continued to be out-of-balance I tried the chaste berry. My next blood test about 2-3 months later showed the levels were balanced for the first time in years. She even acknowledged that it was an effective treatment happy.gif

Everybody's body is different. The key is to find what works best for you-- traditional or not.

#20 weefeemcdee

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Posted 13 March 2015 - 03:25 AM

I quite agree with Itsjustme - There are many complementary therapies. However, what works for one person may not work for another. I would recommend that people should try different complementary therapies to see what works for them.

Many GPs are becoming more accepting of the benefits of different complementary therapies such as accupuncture, aromatherapy & reflexology.

#21 Revolution

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Posted 14 March 2015 - 08:09 PM

I've found melatonin very helpful for sleep. 


And ginger is fantastic for nausea, which I have chronically. For anyone with stomach problems I'd be careful with certain herbs, mint (or anything in the mint family like catnip), and chamomile are some that make me really sick. So I can't use mint for stomach problems, but like I said, ginger is fantastic. It also has a lot of other health benefits.


I've always been skeptical of alternative remedies until I found some that really do work. I took meds for everything, and still do rely on medication but I try to supplement what I can because medication can have very bad side effects and also sometimes effects that do not go away when the med is no longer being used. I think its important to look into what can happen with alternative remedies as well some can have certain risks as well. Others have been found to be safe with no bad effects which is pretty unusual find a medication that does not have some warning whether it actually affects one badly or not. So to me, a safe alternative remedy is a huge plus.


I've found yoga also to be great for core body strength, as well as relaxation and overall a good feeling of wellness,  and meditation is great as well for relaxation and one can use if for self knowledge and exploration too. 

#22 mamielou

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Posted 25 April 2015 - 10:23 PM

Celestial seasonings has a few really good teas. Sleepytime really does help with my insomnia, and the sinus soother one is especially good during allergy season.

Also, i used to get uti's constantly. It got to be expensive, and i was concerned about taking antibiotics so often. I found that if i take a dose of alka seltzer when i first notice symptoms, and then drink several glasses of water after, i can avoid infection entirely. If you don't want the aspirin that's in it, you can put baking soda in water and drink that instead. I did find scientific evidence to back this one up-the bacteria need a certain pH to survive, and alka seltzer changes that enough that it kills the overgrowth of bacteria.

An 8 oz. glass of beer followed by several of water will flush out your kidneys, as will a serving of asparagus.

Listerine takes the itch out of bug bites. White vinegar will take the sting out of a sunburn.

To remove splinters and bee stingers, you can moisten a tea bag and hold it over the wound for about half an hour and it will come to the surface. Bread soaked in milk will also work. (When my husband told me the bread thing i thought he was nuts, but he showed me once when he got stung lol)

Bathing in epsom salts is one of my favorite ways to relax. It really does soothe sore muscles and helps bruises heal faster.

There is a product called alkalol that is an all natural nasal rinse. It's wonderful for clearing the sinuses and preventing a cold from becoming an infection.

#23 rus

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Posted 26 April 2015 - 05:15 AM

for heartburn taking about a tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda in a glass of water helps if you have nothing better, very salty and unpleasant tasting but helps.

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#24 AnnaReT

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Posted 10 June 2016 - 07:31 AM

Hi all,

Ive recently been diagnosed with Fibro and display all the usual symptoms.

Ive also recently moved and therefore registered with a new GP.

I havent yet been started on any of the pharmacotherapies my consultant has recommended Gabapentin and amitryptilene, excuse any spelling mistakes.

I have had Shiatsu therapy with a local lady for over a year now and I find it really really helps me, combined with herbal remedies and a controlled diet. Read into that what you will.

My question is, have any of you been able to get NHS funded treatments or remedies such as these? The cost of the Shiatsu sessions is crippling ?45 a go and my chosen herbal/natural remedies are also not cheap... And if you have been successful in this, have you been able to choose your practitioner?

I will be asking these questions of my GP of course but I am still waiting for my paperwork to go through.



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