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Posted 18 June 2001 - 07:14 PM

lets see..im 19 almost 20 here...have short strawberry blonde hair which i am growing out...i unfortanetyl cut it when it was down to my hip ******DUMB*(*** so yeah i m working on growing it out. I am in college and i ma half way through my program in gettitng my degree in interpretiing for the Deaf....eventually i want to teach deaf children....working with kids has always been in my dreams...they seem to just remind me how happy life can be..and they love to read and have fun...and so do so imagine that! hehe. Um .lets i live with my grandparents..i my parents...let just not go there. i have two kitty kats and a 30 gallon tank o ffishies. I work at a floral shop doing weddings and floral arrangements. I am a dancer and danced sinice i was three. My current hobby is tending to my first garden....thats a lot of work! Well, i geuss thats it!

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Posted 19 June 2001 - 03:57 PM

My name is natalie and I am new here. I am at home from college living with my parents for the summer. I am 19 years old. I used to enjoy many things, but now my life is empty. I found this website last night and have enjoyed reading all of your posts. I've felt better today then I have since it happened. So I wanted to thank all of you for just being there. In an odd kind of way. My best friend in the whole world is now my dog Max. He is a beutiful Golden Retreiver. I haven't told anybody what happened to me 3months ago, but somehow I think my dog knows. He is constantly watching over me. If my door is shut he will sometimes sit outside my room and guard it. I have a big delima in my life right now. I don't want to go back to college this fall, even though I am already registered. I am afraid to go back. I can't tell my parents. I don't want to go through that right now. But they know something is up. I think they suspect I'm on drugs. My grandmother died last year, which is sad because she would of been the one person in the world I could have told. My whole life is changed so fast, I'm not even sure what is left of me that I can put down here for you.

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Posted 20 June 2001 - 11:06 AM

Some random facts about me...

I'm 19 years old :biggrin: (and I wonder whether I'll be wearing that grin when I'm REALLY old ;))

My pic is around here somewhere so I'll save you from the lame description I had up here before I edited.

I work with children and I love my job.  I will eventually be teacher :).

I have recently rediscovered art and had my very own exhibition. VERY COOL! :cool:  

I am passionate about the colour pink, my half full glass of diet-coke and more seriously anything political, particularly human rights issues.

I love the theatre, acting, singing, any kind of team sport, spending time with friends or any of my younger siblings (there's a whole tribe!!), the beach, summer, thunder storms, and almost everything about my life :).

I have 2 dogs, they're both insanely untrained and HUGE ~ an alaskan malamute and a german shephard.

I'm giving up smoking.. AGAIN (this time I will succeed ;)).

I haven't read a good book in so long that I'm very open to suggestions.

I STILL don't weigh myself on principle :P

I'm a hopeless multi-tasker!

I am boring and I have a sad obsession with these emoticon faces :).

You people rock!!

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Posted 21 June 2001 - 02:06 AM

Hi guys

My name isn't Crying Angel (surprise surprise :)), but that will have to do.

I'm in my early twenties, and live in Scotland with my husband. To misquote Garrison Keillor, we provide enough sarcasm for a tri-county area.

I also don't weigh myself on principle, and am just finishing an MSc.  

My all-time passion is reading: I love Douglas Coupland, Toni Morrison, Armistead Maupin, Theodore Roethke, Emily Dickinson, Milton, Aphra Behn....I could go on almost forever.

I love gangster movies, and black and white movies, but my favourite film would have to be 'Like Water for Chocolate', one of the most beautiful love stories I have ever seen.

My favourite TV shows are The West Wing, ER, Sex in the City, and Big Brother. (Can't understand why you Americans are so into Survivor :))

I'm very interested in politics, particularly international and feminist politics, and all kinds of feminist thought.

My favourite thing on this earth is my husband, but I am also very fond of clean sheets, hotel towels, Guinness, candles, St. Paul's cathedral, and tea.

My one (unlikely to be realized) ambition is to have a Scarlett O'Hara-style southern accent. And say 'y'all'. Every sentence.

Oh, and I do LOVE my life.  

Take care guys,
Crying Angel

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Posted 21 July 2001 - 03:16 PM

Hi people

I am a (sometimes weary but always grateful) warrior woman with a history of chronic physical and sexual abuse. But does it define me in entirety? No.
Ummm.....let's see
Birthdate: 3/9/66....soon to be 35
I am about 5"7, I have very long black hair that I like to imagine gives me a very "Xena" look. I spent big money on dyes to banish the ever multiplying grey hairs; "grow old gracefully" is not in my lexicography. My eyes are big and dark brown, I think they're my best feature.
Don't know how much I weigh, but I haven't got a super model's body--don't care though, I like my curves and after five wonderful children, I think my body has done a superb job and can be whatever shape it wants.
My husband has no complaints whatsoever and neither have the occasional heads I still manage to turn.

I'm crazy about books and music. Reading about mythology makes me dizzy with delight. My favourite classical novel is "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"--unparalelled beauty! I love Toni Morrisson, John Irving, Patrick McCabe, Roddy Doyle......shouldn't have started this; all these wonderful authors are jockeying for a mention....and I still get the same pleasure from "Anne of Green Gables" as I did when I was eight. Love Shakespeare, too.
Wildly schizophrenic musical tastes veer from Vivaldi to Nirvana--Enya, the Pogues, World Music (love music of other cultures!) ABBA (guilty pleasure--they're fun) I really have got a bit of everything.
I love my Celtic and Danish heritage.
I think my greatest passion is fighting for social justice, be that women and rape or dictators and minorities. I work for refugees, and I've come to know and love some amazing
I am an eloquent speaker and writer. I am usually kind, but sometimes my passionate nature means that I run off at the mouth too quickly and need to say sorry later.

I struggle with confidence. I am quick to anger and I can have a foul mouth. I get especially ugly when  my motives are bashed without a fair go. I dislike arrogance and deliberate malice. Can't stand people who twaddle on ignorantly about things they've got no idea about and expect it to be taken as gospel. Love people with the humility to say "I don't know". Loathe cooking.

Christina Noble is one of my greatest inspirations (Bridge Across my Sorrows"; "Mama Tina"--what a person can do out of an appalling history--can't even think of this lady without being called to be a better person).
I love the Dalai Lama--I base my spirituality on what he calls the "Bhoddisatva Ideal"--The practice of compassion with wisdom to release all beings from suffering. Having said that, though, it is an ideal only and I fall down frequently.
I need space; the size of my family means I don't often get as much as I would like. I am trained in social work, but I don't actually work in a paid sense. My babies keep me very busy now (Finn, 3, and Suzy, 1.+ 3 teenagers which are more demanding than babies sometimes.)A pet soapbox of mine is the refusal of society to see mothering as "real" work.
I am writing a book about women who have been sexually assaulted by ex/sexual intimates because of society's refusal to see it as "real" rape.
I'm an appalling housekeeper; used to be very task-focused but now find I have more interesting things to do than make beds. I don't like conservative clothing, you'll never see me in buff or grey. I like peasant blouses, bright gypsy skirts, jeans...will only force myself into a suit and pumps if necessary, like, say, a funeral.

I love people; pink is my favourite colour and I am a bit of a cry-baby; my feelings can be easily chafed. I love to laugh and I should do it oftener. I love off-colour jokes, bellydancing, yummy food and booze, especially Guinness.

I am bits of auntie, witch, little girl, utter bitch, crusty old bordello madam and angel.

My latest love is Pandora's aquarium and some of the terrific souls it's been my fortune to connect with.

And as you can see I also like going on about myself.

It's been interesting to learn about you all and you're right, Mistral, fun.

Love to those who haven't fallen asleep yet.

Rachel xxx

PS Hopelessly addicted to cigarettes and coffee too.

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Posted 21 July 2001 - 06:19 PM

I'm 37 with dark brown eyes and hair. Getting just a little grey in the hair. I stand 5'8" and I won't be sharing my weight. My skin is a tan color and I wear glasses.

I have a husband, we have been married 15 yrs as of July 19th. We have three children. A 13 yr. old girl, 7 yr. old girl, and 4 yr. old boy. We would have had 5 but I miscarried 2 between the oldest and the second. We are done now having children, we feel our family is complete.

I have 2 cats, one male, midnight and the other, female, sassy. I am alergic to them so can't handle them much, but the kids love them. We also have some fish.

I like to read mostly historical stuff, but my favorite book was "She comes undone".

I like watch tv and go to movies sometimes. We usually watch as a family. I like musical movies and would be concidered a "Rocky Horror Picture Show" fan.

My favorite things to do would include drawing my art work with gel pens. Listening to music, I like all kinds except country and my tastes include current and past. I like working with the girl scouting program so I can spend time with my daughters. I,also, like officiating at high school track meets (Runs in the family). Newly added would be chatting on line, I only got my computer this year.

I am currently a teachers aide working with children at the middle school age level(pre-teens). I have been taking college classes, in between raising my kids, working for a teaching degree in mathmatics. Teachers run in our family: Both my parents were, my brother and his wife are, my sister is an aide like me and my half-sister drives a school bus. Only my half brother took a different route and went into banking.

I love all my family but like someone above said, we are close but not close at the same time. My dad past away in Sept. so this year has been rough. He never knew about my molestation. Other family members know but they act more like I never said anything.

I don't make friends easy, trust issues seem to get into the way. But when I do make friends they are great ones.

I think that about covers me. I have enjoyed reading about the others. This was a neat idea.


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Posted 22 July 2001 - 01:55 PM

I really enjoyed reading about everyone, it would be so nice to someday meet all of you.
~I'm Emili, sometimes Emily. I'm a dancer, and I work in theatre--musical theatre, whenever I can that is.In fact, I just came from an audition (it went really well, cross your fingers! :))  I don't really know how to get a "real" job.I was on my way to being a professional ballerina, when I ran into an instructer from ####, rape, anorexia and bulimia, and controlling parents. I was approached by a photographer and now may get into modeling.
~I'm 19,I will be starting my 2nd year in college this fall, majoring in psych. I'm setting up an appointment with the Victim's Advocacy Program on campus in hopes that I can go thru their training and volunteer there. I am really interested in combatting rape crimes in any way I can, and may specialize my degree with sexual assault victims. I want to get involved with the activities and organizations like Take Back the Night and RAINN, ect. I actually have a dream/goal that I've never told anyone...I'd eventually like to organize a dance performance to benefit one of these types of programs.
~I have an apartment near school that my parents pay for,including all my bills, my school, and some spending money. I have a younger brother, 13, and a sister that is 15 whom I am Extrememly Protective of. Some of you may know that from a recent post of mine. I have an extra small Boston Terrier named Skittles whom I absolutely love. She is my baby.
~My other baby is my boyfriend of (in Aug.) two years. I love him more than anything, and he's the best thing that's ever happened to me.
~I have golden blond hair, blue eyes, 5'4'', I try not to weigh myself (but yesterday it was 111--oops). I love lattes and cappucinos, smoke ultralights socially or when stressed, but try to keep it for more extreme situations.  
~I like a broad range of music...Chopin, and other classical, techno, love Destiny's Child, Bush, Fugees, I'm currently hooked on a techno song called "I'll Fly with You" and Blu Cantrell's "Hit em up". I love Broadway songs, love the show Cabaret, just auditioned with "Maybe this Time".
~I love pink, and last time my bf gave me roses they were lavender which I also love!! I love the stars and going out on a perfectly clear night to look at them, walking on the beach. I love sunsets with my bf (i know, cliche)and cuddling on rainy days.
~I love movies, recently saw Chocolat on the plane back from Scotland, and adored it!! I like the Lifetime and TLC channel, my bf teases me, but I make him watch A Wedding Story!! I love Julia Roberts, and when I can't sleep, Sleepless in Seattle and French Kiss comfort me,as do some others. My bf and I are addicted to The Sopranos(sometimes, too graphic though), he's Italian and the theater we work at--totally Italian, we're convinced they're Mafia. But they are the greatest people!! Love DeNiro, and others.
~I've been to Paris and can't wait to go back someday, I definately will, and want to take my bf there someday, maybe our honeymoon :). I'm helping my best friend plan her wedding in April as her maid-of-honor, and it's so much fun.She's amazing and has really helped me talk about my issues, she's also a survivor.
~I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi and Cosmos, shopping's great but I've calmed down a bit, I love Ramen noodles and apple cinnamon rice cakes, love Italian food but scared of it (anorexic "no-no"), I like tea when I'm stressed or sick, like Abercrombie & Fitch usually, Express, my fave jeans Old Navy bootleg, Ralph Lauren sometimes,Tommy...you might say I have a "shabby-chic" style, except when I go out-out, I like getting my nails done...
~ I could go on and on and on, I have so many layers of myself that I'm still uncovering, I'm working up the courage to go to therapy, and everyone here has been angels on earth to me! I thank you for that. And I do love life too, I really do. Thanx for listening.
                       ***safe hugz***     Emili
This was an awesome idea.

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Posted 24 July 2001 - 09:04 PM

Hmm I am not real good at talking about myself but I will try.  I enjoyed reading about everyone else so much i thought it was only fair if i shared too.

Ok.........basics are I am 24, single,  I am part Mexican and I grew up around my grandmother who is 100% true blue Mexican so she spoiled me with beans, rice, enchiladas, tortillas, sopa, mole and lots of other delicious dishes.  I have greenish, bluish, grayish eyes depending on what I wear.  I have long dark brown hair and of course i have somewhat of a tan and if I am in the sun I get a darn good tan.

My personality:  basically I am a laid back easy going person but lately I have been pretty on edge and stressed.  I am very very open-minded, I LOVE to joke and laugh and in fact humor and sarcasm are two of the things that keep me sane.  I am the type of person that it takes a little while to get to know because I like to just kick back and feel people out before I jump into conversations or let them in my world.  Those poor souls that I have let into my world I feel for them:)  There are a rare few and I love them dearly..once I make a friend I will do anything for them and it would take something catastrophic to make me mad at them.  I have the honor of knowing Kim or BerlyJo personally and she is one of my best friends in the whole wide world that has rescued me time and time again from myself.  I also have the pleasure of knowing Juli from Sweden although that #### ocean keeps me from kicking it with her:)  

Interests:  Well obvioulsy i like to play on the computer alot, I like to rollerblade, ride my bike, watch movies(mostly comedies), and my most favorite thing to do is take my dogs to the river.  I have 2 dogs one was originally mine and i love her to death she is like a daughter to me.  Her name is Mystic and she is 1/2 siberian husky and 1/2 blue heeler which makes for a beautiful mix if you ask me.  She has the most piercing blue eyes and is just soo cute.  She thinks she is human but of course I help her think that.  I take her everywhere i can get away with having her and of course I let her eat my people food.  She understands when I talk about leaving, or when i ask her where someone is that she knows she understands who i am talking about and she will get excited and look for them.  Whenever I come home she makes me feel welcome I get jumped all over and licked to death which would annoy most people but like i said it lets me know she missed me.  She makes me feel safe because she wont let anyone lay a hand on me including friends that are just playing around.  LOL can you tell i am a proud parent?  My other dog I adopted when an ex roommate abonded him because I am a dog lover and couldnt see him taken to the pound which is what she was gonna do.  His name is Gizmo and he is part rottweiler and part chow and you guessed it he is mean.  He has some behavior issues i am trying to work on and I try not to be too partial to my dog but she wont let him near me either most of the time.  I still love him though.  Oh yeah this was about me not my dogs:)  As you can tell they are a huge and important part of my life.

Career:  Well I graduated last May with a degree in Criminal Justice and landed a job as a Juvenile Probation Officer in one of the roughest cities in Oklahoma(we are known for our gangs and shootings).  I LOVE my job and it is what I have always dreamed of doing ever since i have had direction in my life(which I sometimes still wonder about:)  I was once a rough tough always in trouble kid with a probation officer of my own but I think i grew up pretty good and since I can relate to my kids I want to try and help them.

I guess what makes me the person I am today is I havent always had the greatest life.  My relationship with my parents is minimal and they abused me mentally, physically and sexually when i was younger.  I am still having memories of things I had blocked out and I was raped about 3 years ago and still recovering from that.  I come here for support, call my few wonderful friends, journal, and go to group counseling.  I am very lucky to be where i am today because with the life I lived I should be dead.

I guess I was better at this than i thought sorry it is so long and I could go on but I dont want to bore people.  Thanks for listening to a brief summary of Me.

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Posted 25 August 2001 - 11:08 AM

Great idea, Mistral! Thanks :)

I am 24 years old and live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where I also work as an accountant. I am 5'8" tall and have long, black curly hair. I have brown eyes and fair skin.
I drive a nice new car. I have a chihuahua named Buddy who I spoil to death.

I am the oldest of 4 children and have a one-year old nephew who brings me joy and laughter.

I have a wonderful best friend who has been by my side faithfully for the past 7 years.

I love music a lot..it's a large part of my life! I enjoy writing music lyrics. Sting is my favorite artist as well as Marc Anthony whom I have seen in concerts many times.

I love to go out with friends and enjoy going sightseeing. I love to read..some of my favorite authors are James Patterson and John Grisham. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.

Being a Philadelphian, I love our cheesesteaks..I have one every Friday--no guilt! :)

And lastly, I love spending time in the wonderful new chat room Shannon found for us. :)

Little Sunshine

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Posted 27 August 2001 - 07:24 PM

this is a good idea...sorry i couldn't get to it sooner.  i've often wondered about most of you, it's good to put a face with all the conversation.  so now, i'll tell you about me.

i am 21 years old...just turned it this month, so I'm a leo.  No bad remarks please.  I'm portugese...I consider it white, but everyone thinks I look hispanic.???  I'm 5 ft 2 in, I have dark brown hair that is to the center of my back.  My eyes are brown, and I constantly get compliments on my eyelashes.  It's very flattering.  I won't say what I weigh, but I'm 5 months pregnant so I have an excuse..lol.

I've been married to my husband for 4  1/2 years. He served 5 years in the US Marine Corp. I have 2 children who live with me.  my oldest girl is 5  1/2 yrs, and just started kindergarten today!!!  I'm so excited for her.  My youngest daughter is going to be 2 in November.  I had a son, who does not live with us.  He is 4 as of april.  And I'm expecting my next son in January.

My parents divorced when I was about 4 or 5.  I really have no memory.  I'm close with my mom, and I've had an off and on realationship with my dad.  though we still keep in touch.  ( we're both leos...i don't need to say no more).  I have one brother, he's 19 years old.  

my hobbies, well, they aren't much.  being pregnant, i have little energy.  i sleep a lot.. although not anymore thanks to kindergarten.  i like Days of Our Lives, Wheel of Fortune and the Price is Right.  I LOOOOOVE Big Brother 2.  I'm hooked on it.  I'm not a good cook, but I try.  My favorite food would have to be pizza from Me and Ed's.  I live in California, know only english, and my highest education is 12th grade.  

I've tried counseling, but I always fail.  I'm not strong enough to get through it, so I guess you can say I'm weak.  but being a leo, I'm strong in the sense that I love a good fight, I'll start one intinally sometimes, and I have to have the last word with everything.  At the same time, I cry about everything!  Its pathetic and I constantly get made fun of.  

Anyway, moving on.  It's very nice to meet all of you.  thank you for the opportunity.

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Posted 01 October 2001 - 12:07 PM

I am Sophie, i am 19.
I am from Holland, but i hope i can leave Holland within 5 or 6 months. I will go to Canada if possible.
My parents divorced almost 2 years ago, I have one younger brother, he's 16.
I don't have a good relationsship with my parents.

As i feel so depressed i don't have much Hobbies anymore..only a few:
MUSIC!! I cannot live without my music..i have a very big cd collection..
Most of all i love to listen to Alanis Morissette..
I've been her fan since 1995, seen her performing 9 times already, and she's great! I have collected so much stuff from her..more than 60 cd's singles lp,s..and so on..
I also love K's Choice (iwill see them in Amsterdam next week), and of course Tori and lots of other artists, but these are my favorites.
I also sing by myself, i act , dance and sing in musicals.
i used to sing in a choir, play piano, and i will buy a guitar.
But singing is my favorite part, i also used to sing in Highschoolband.

O almost forgot, i graduated at highschool last year,  and now i am working for 6 moths to get money to escape to Canada, i am not safe in Holland, after Canada i will study in a different city, so i will be safe, just have to get thru these months.
Well this was it..

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Guest_silent to long_*
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Posted 12 January 2002 - 01:04 PM

Hi it's Kora
I am in my teens have strawberry blond hair.5'2,80pounds.
I have two half sisters and two half stepsisters (i donno its messed) lol
I love the internet and music. My dad is the manager of a large company (buisnes trips) and my mom is manager(or smething i don't pay attention) to somewhere else.
I hate ppl who think they know me and love ppl that remember to call or write when they say they will. I have a passion for acting and I have been in lotz of productons!! My sister is currently working in a movie!!
Oh and I am Canadien!!

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Posted 12 January 2002 - 02:35 PM

well let me try this, i've never been good at telling who  iam..
im 23 and i live in west virginia in the country beside a  huge forest where i love to go and watch the deer and any otherlittle creatures that are there..
i live with my parents and 5 cats, one is mine though, she is pure white with a blue eye and a green eye she can be weird sometimes her name is little one, we have a hymalayan named booger thats my dad's cat, and spoiled rotten she is, then we have a calico cat named lilly she is a demon, mean mean mean, and my moms favorite he is gray and huge well he looks blue his name is bud but i call him floppy cause when you touch him he just flops on the floor :)
and we have a siamse well half, his name is jonsy and he stays outside and is very old..
and i also have a cat at my aunts, he is orange and fluffy and his name is trolly rolly polly ollie :) named him myself, trolly for short and he loves me and only me!
and i have a dog named treznor he is my baby and a wonderful friend and i cant even find any words to explain how amazing he is.
oh and i cannot forget my guinea pig oliver, he is white with a black ear and a pink ear and a black spot over his eye and one black hair on his back :) he is fun forever.

well i could talk of my animals all day long. guess i can talk about them a little better than myself..
but i'll try me,
i hate winter i jsut found out today i hate sunny winter days brings back bad memories of some sort.
but i love drizzly dark winter days stayed out all day in one the other day. me and my dog tracked some deer and we found them, three of them, they saw my dog moving but my dog had his nose stuck to the ground thats why he never finds anything, but i scared them off by one of those sudden uncontrolable coughs, but it was fun..

i like to grow flowers and vegetables, im still learning though, its only been 2 yrs since i found i loved growing things.. and i do love it...
i love horses well i love all animals, here we go again, lol.

i have a brother he is older than me and we dont talk, he stopped talking to me when i was 12 and my parents put me in a mental institution, guess he thought i was crazy.
i miss him very much, i would love to know who he is now. he comes home to visit every week well he just lives up the road, but he is married and they have a little girl..
and sometimes i cry when i think of how much i miss my big brother..

i dont know what else to say right now, sorry.

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Posted 12 January 2002 - 06:57 PM

I thought this might be fun, so here goes.

As is shown, my screen name is Persphone, my real name is Melissa, though most of my close friends call me Mel, and have since highschool.

I just turned 26 in November. (sometimes my birthday falls on election Tuesday, so that makes for a helluva birthday party - hee hee)

I don't even know how much I weigh.  I try not to weigh myself, and I tell myself that muscle weighs more than fat anyway.;)  I am 5'6" and my haircolor changes with my mood most of the time, at any given time it can be any color.  (right now, it's black wtih pink streaks until I get bored.)

My favorite color is black, most of my wardrobe is black, and I rarely wear pants.  I usually wear long skirts.  I own one pair of blue jeans, and I never wear them unless I have a sloppy job to do or I absolutely have nothing else to wear.  I own one sweatshirt which I have becuse it is from my highschool and I kept it for sentimental reasons.  I can't remember ever owning a pair of sweatpants.

I'm married.  Actually my anniversary (first) is coming up January 21.  We eloped for our wedding and caused quite a stir doing that.  It was fun.:)

I'm currently in college. I'm an English major.  I don't work, just study and (try to) get good grades.

I love to read, I LOVE to play the piano, flute and guitar and any other musical instrument I can manage to gain acces to, at least to learn...I lift wieghts and excersise when I am motivated enough.  I like to write when my creativity allows - which doesn't seem to be too often these days.  I like to learn all kinds of new things.  I'm on the Internet a lot for this purpose.

I have two cats and a rat as pets.  My cat Scout is a female, she is black and white; my cat Nicodemus is male, he is black.  He is FAT because he loves to eat.  
I just got a rat (male) named Templeton.  (My husband has a male rat named Mooka as well.)  All my pets are named after literary characters of some sort.

My favorite musical artist is (by far) Tori Amos.  She's one of my personal heroes.  My musical taste is eclectic, it encompasses almost all kinds except Country-Western.  I despise Country-Western, and I don't even consider it real music.  I would sooner listen to POLKA.

One thing I am most proud of is: I can change the oil in my car by myself, as well as diagnose (and fix) minor car problems.  I never do it, of course (that's what I keep a husband around for) but I like the fact that I can be self-sufficient in that area.

That's me in a nutshell.



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Posted 14 January 2002 - 10:10 AM

Stealing a format here.....

AGE: 23, 5'7.5", 180 lbs of beefcake (ha ha- i'm a lil buff-ish), size 9, Natural strawberry blonde hair that I dye darker red to cover young gray, blue grey eyes and freckles... so Irish, it hurts.

 Apartment in Soulard (cool French district) that I never sleep in.  I stay with my boy Eddie

"Lady of Avalon"- Bradley (again)
The Green Flag- a history of Irish Nationalism

Bank of America Logo


Architectural Digest, Jane

cedar or pine.  outdoors.  clean air...  lilies

kitty breath... sweaty socks

Jeff Buckley's sweet sweet voice... Bodran drums and Fiddle

SI or eating disorder, knowing that I'm f*cking up and not stopping

need to feed the kitty

blue-gray and deep greens

I don't answer the phone

Roma Rose (After my grandmothers)
Arthur Tucker (After great Grandaddy)

True trust and respect,  Strength.  making it day to day with my own 2 hands

mmmmmm hot wings......

STRAWBERRY!!!!!!  darnit.

depends onthe vehicle...  but yeah

yes... LIL Mikey from Monster;s Inc

amazing, love rain on my tummy

ford ranger, blue

the live one.  the dead one would be icky

Constance Markievisze

Guinness with a shot of blackberry schnapps, Welsh Brains Beer.  Killians' Red

Aries and PROUD!!!!

yep yep

park ranger and professor... maybe camp counsellor

red red red


broken on the floor after a brawl

Braveheart... ALLL Pixar... Last Unicorn, All Muppets...





Jeff Buckley, John Bartley, Elvis Costello, Tori, graham parker, barenaked ladies, hole, concrete blonde

simpsons, x-files, Xena


Jesus.  the cat.  dad named him.  my dad's nutty, i love that man

Concrete Blonde- Joey

39. FAVORITE ACTOR (male & female)
Kevin Spacy, Anthony Hopkins, Ian Mckellan, Elijah Wood
Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie... aahhhhh

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