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Let's share something good with each other

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Posted 09 May 2002 - 02:24 AM

I think my earliest poxitive memory is my dad singing that old song "Brown eyed girl" to me and my sisters. I even bought a 70s music CD just because it has that song on it.

Another good memory is going to my grandmas house when I was little, she had this freezer out side of her trailer and she would put all of these ice cream bars and stuff in there for us and I felt so "grown up" because we could just take whatever we wanted and we didnt have to ask.


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Posted 20 May 2002 - 12:31 AM

I don't remember most of growing up...but I do remember somethings.  The only good memories are with my horses.

The first was waiting in the start up line for the Day In The Counrty parade with my horse Patches.  Some times I think the only reason i remember it is because it gets talked about still.  He was a really big horses, I think at the time I could still walk under him :) with out ducking much.  He was a really cool paint I'm going to have to find a pic.  This parade was just before Halloween and that year I was an indian...I had an out fit on and was all dressed up and riding my paint pony with a bridle and a blanket over his back.  Now Patches was an awesome horse but he was also old and didn't go fast...usualy getting him to move was a chalenge for one a little as me...I would have been in 2nd or 3rd grade, I'm not really sure maybe younger.  My dad must have told the person that would tell everyone when to start that Patches was really slow because we were let out earlier than we would have been other wise.  I had a bag of candy to throw to kids but I never had a chance because Patches was determined to past the buggy in front of us that was going so slow.  I was pulling him back the whole way.  My dad when he talks about it says that he was along side in the crowd thinking that he was going to have to help me(don't remember him being around)....But I did it all by myself.  I'm really proud of that because dad alway points out when I fail and do things wrong but I did good and even he can't take this away from me.

I also remember sitting out on part of a tree that had fallen down out in the horse pasture for hours with Patches...He would hand his head over my shoulder and listen to every thing I had to say.  When I said something really important he would nod his head...I really think he knew what I was talking about :)  We had a barn for the horses hay, but it wasn't a normal barn it was an old cabin thats door was about waist high and we had barn cats...I remeber one time when we had a litter of young kittens in the barn and the door was open every time one of the kittens came near the door Patches would push them back with his nose to keep them from falling out the door.  I miss that horse like crazy.

My other horse Ranger (who is out at my parents place) is part Arabian and a bit of a nut by nature...I remember when I was about 12 I had to take him up to the vets office.  He knew where we were going to I just lead him because it would be faster.  On the way there I passed a jogger that said 'your suppost to ride those' I was just like whatever back.  After Ranger got his shots I asked the vet if I could use his fence...Got up on Ranger to ride home.  Got a funny look from the vet because I was riding with only a halter and no saddle or pad.  I passed that same jogger on the way home too.  His eyes just about fell out of his head.  I just told him it was more fun to ride on the way home from the vets and rode right past him.  I think about this time I was known as the crazy girl that rides her horse with out a saddle around town...the area was big into shows that all that rubbish so to them I was pretty strange.

That was fun I got going a bit more than I had planned but my boys are so neat:)

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Posted 04 July 2002 - 04:20 AM

My favorite memory from when i was small is my little brother telling me he loved me :). I was about five I think and he was two or three. I have other memories but thats definatly the coolest one!
For my new favorite recent memory see my kick arse thread in my voice :)
Mel xxxx

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Posted 17 August 2003 - 09:09 PM

oh, wow, so many of these have made me tear up!

(((((((linnea))))))))  thank you for starting this thread.

when i was little my dad washed my hair in the sink, i mustve been around two, and had very long hair.  he had a spongy thing with a cradle for my neck, and i lay on it on the counter...it was cool, it made me happy.  another(strangely) was my dad trimming my hair when i was about the same age...i sat on the bthrm counter in a little directors chair.  i guess it just makes me happy to remember my dad taking care of me :)
another is (i swear ive posted this somewhere before) my brother, mum, and i playing a board game.  he was a bit upset about the rules or some such, and said to my mother, in a yell/growl "shut up,bitch!"  now, this type of language was never tolerated, but if you make my mum laugh, you can get over on her...and we laughed for close to an hour about that.  we mustve been about 10 and 12...we still laugh about that.
if i think of another im gonna come add it, 'twas great, uplifting.

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Posted 01 July 2002 - 02:18 PM

Actually i don't have many memories, i mean not related to the a*use.. I do know things about me as kid, but they were told..

Well, i yesterday i was watching the World Cup final, and i suddenly remembered when in 1988 (i was 6) holland won the European Cup, and i don't remember the game, only the end , everybody was happy, and  i remember the sad faces of the russians..so weird i remember that so well.. Well and then we went out, my father, mother me and my little brother, at our bikes to centre , well we were at our parents bike as well, and my mum told me to hold the big flag, the orange flag, and so the whole centre was packed and everyone partying.. i dont know much about the party, only the nice ambience..

Hugs Maaike

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Posted 12 March 2003 - 02:12 PM

Boosting this gorgeous and positive thread

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Posted 19 April 2003 - 09:42 PM

My mom and dad said we were going to look at houses (we were moving) but we ended up at magic mountain.  Oh boy!!!! It was for my 6th b-day.  I don't remember the rides or anything but I remember seeing the sign for "Magic Mountain".  That was neato!!!!
Thank you for this post.


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Posted 22 July 2003 - 03:42 PM

The happiest memories I have are: When I gave birth to my daughter and The midwife handed her to, I was so happy I can't even describe that feeling I just knew she was perfect and I had never felt that happy. The other one is when my boyfriend proposed to me at the top of a mountain, We had planned it so I knew he was going to propose but nothing prepared me for the incredible rush of love and happiness I felt that day.
I know that the past will always be with me but like a cut, cuts heal and scars fade over time. A scar can never dissapear but that scar makes up part of the person I am today, its not the whole person but just a small part of me. I know my fiancee will always support me and sometimes that is all that gets me through the day, knowing he is always there for me.

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Posted 01 August 2003 - 09:29 AM

I'm not sure why I haven't replied to this one!!!

I can remember being about 4 or so.  It was Easter morning, and I was in a pink dress w/ a white hat and new white shoes w/ a matching purse.  My mom had curled my hair that morning.  I bounced into my grandparents house to show them how  pretty I was.

I don't remember what we did that day, but I remember that young care free day with beautiful weather and tiny white purse.  :)

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Posted 01 April 2002 - 11:18 PM

My earliest positive memory....

I think that would have to be in first grade.  Halloween, to be exact.  I would have been six.  We got to dress up for Halloween in school and my mom made me this cute little ballerina's outfit.  It was pink.  A little leotard and a tutu with little tights.  The tutu was just made out of pink netting and tied around back but it made me so happy.  I felt like such a lucky little girl to be a ballerina.  All the other kids had mostly store-bought costumes, but mine seemed so special because my mom had made it just for me.

I don't even remember the party or going trick or treating or anything like that.  I just remember that ballerina costume and how it made me feel so special.  Maybe it was because most of the time I just got hand-me-down costumes that my mom had made for my sister so she didn't have to make yet another one or something, but it really meant a lot to me to have that costume all to myself.

Anyway, that's my earliest positive memory.  It doesn't seem like much, but it always makes me smile to think back on it.  :)

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Posted 02 April 2002 - 08:02 AM

great post sweetie!

My happiest memories that I can remember was when I was about 3.  Eatting watermelon with my family, and learning to spit seeds.  Seeing who could spit them the farthest.  Or when I would sit at my grandma's house, and she would let me make pies with her.  She had a little rolling pin that was just for me, and little pie plates that were mine too.  She was an awesome awesome grandmom.  Playing on the swings with all my friends in our front yard, chasing the chickens around.  With all the bad that happened, I love remembering the good.  My brother and I used to make forts when it snowed- or play king of the mountain when the snow plow would make giant hills.  Watchin the deer cross our yard when it was snowing.  Glorious wonderful memories :)  I love this- thank you linnea- I needed that! :)
Love ya

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Posted 02 April 2002 - 11:58 PM

ok my earliest memories are from when I was 2 almost 3 or just turned 3 time period.  

I remember moving into a new apartment.  I remember my new room and the way the light came through the window (It seems I always remember the light)  I remember that it was a west window. and that the closet faced south and I remember the boxes of my stuff being put in to the closet. and I remember thinking the closet doors were neet.  

I rememeber walking with my dad, along a shopping strip.  a type of 'old market' and I remember hearing a song.  that I like, but did not know the name of it.  some times I can still hear it,.. just barly.  but not enough to put a name to it.

I remember walking with my sitter and my sister to the street vender for a rootbeer float.  I remember the vender was on the east side of the street in  the same block as the apartment complex.  I remember the apartments were behind us and over my left shoulder.  I remmber skipping and being happy.

ok next one I am not happy but it is still postive.  I remember having the chicken pox.  I remember looking out the window watching everyone swim and wanting to go swimming too.

I have told my mom about these memories and she said I had chicken pox when I was 3. and that the apartment which I described, we moved into when I was 2.

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Posted 08 May 2002 - 05:35 PM

first off, great thread!

My first positive memory . . .  I remember it well.  I was three, no more than four, but it was definately before "it" started.  It had snowed.  I was in ECI (early childhood intervention), but school for me had been canceled.  My big brothers helped to build a snowman.  When they found out that they had to go to school, they got mad and toppled it over.  But that didn't matter.  The snowman simply became a snowhorse.  I sat on that "horse" for hours, traveling the world, thinking how great it was that I got to stay home and play in the snow, the beautiful snow that washed everything in a blanket of white.  I would have stayed out for hours, but mom was afraid I'd get sick.

I've never forgotton that.

Thanks for reminding me to think of it again.


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Posted 09 May 2002 - 04:01 AM

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Posted 13 May 2002 - 12:04 PM

oooh... that'd be my grandmama making pb&j for me after daddy got thru running me around the yard in a wheelbarrel...  fun days

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