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alternative T styles question

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Posted 08 April 2003 - 10:07 PM

cool thread! its great to hear what has worked for other people. I agree with much as what has already been said, especially about massage, acupuncture and yoga. I just wanted to share one that has really helped me a lot even though its less widely known, aura-soma, a branch of  colour therapy.This is a non-intrusive system where you intuitively choose from 103 bottles of varuious colour combinations, and the colours that you are attracted to are interpreted encompassing emotional and mental energies.To get a better idea, check out aura-soma uk online, they have a free mini-consulation on their site to show you how it works.

For me, this has been really helpful in understanding emotions and becoming articulate in expressing them, since I've spent so long refusing to face my emotions and pushing them back down. You can't deny what the colours suggest about where you're at, cause you are the one who chose the colour in the first place. Interesting also to pay attention to the colours you find repulsive too, like pink is a big one for me, with all those things that relate to it.. self-esteem, loving who you are, not being too hard on yourself, nurturing yourself... enough said!

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