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Who wants to play?

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#46 Louise

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Posted 19 January 2002 - 06:36 PM

Yippee!!!! I was waiting for Troy-Boy....Hey I love that jester hat can I put it on?

Teehee don't tell anybody but I LOVE Troy Boy....

Hey you know we had a techer in third grade called Mr McConkey...I call him Conkey Donkey....

#47 Guest_tkb_*

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Posted 19 January 2002 - 09:19 PM

Shaina, plllease play Legos with us! you have a pony? how cool!
Gaia, you can have the great cool yellow dump truck right here!!!
Sweet Sasha of course you can sure help! I think you are so nice!!! Will you help us build a castle please please please!
Whitehorse-I love horsies they are soo pretty! can i feed them a carrot?
And sweet littlest star--of course you can play with the trucks sweetie! here's a big red fire engine fer you!

#48 Guest__*

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Posted 22 January 2002 - 07:54 AM

Oh what a wonderful story!  And Dinky is such a wonderful name! This makes me sooo happy that you all like to make up stories too. hehe.  And we can keep the story going and going and going- until someone wants to add the "happily ever after forever and ever"  hehe.  

#49 Guest__*

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Posted 31 March 2002 - 03:20 AM

*little moni looks at the dragon and smiles
with her bravest grown-up smile (she read about those in a book)*

where i'm from she says with a sniff
it rains jello just like this:
she waves her imagine hands
but they must be clogged
instead of jello
it rains cats and dogs!

She sees a little pup and leans down to pick it up.
it's cold and shivery from the snow

Snowy, when we go flying
can the puppy go?

#50 Guest__*

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Posted 18 January 2002 - 03:44 PM

Yay!!! Michelle's here- now the REAL dancing can begin..

'Shell shell- do you like "Fernando"?????  

#51 Guest_Littlest Star_*

Guest_Littlest Star_*
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Posted 19 January 2002 - 06:38 PM

did u say trucks??? VRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!! YAY TROY IS HERE!!!!! hey did any one see lil laney....lets go see if she can come out to play.  hey white...can i ride the ponies too...i just learned how to jump it was scary but fun too.....O I ALMOST FORGOT....who wants to ride on my tricycle....??? im still too little for a big girl bike....but i like my trike better

#52 Guest__*

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Posted 19 January 2002 - 08:53 PM

*Shaina comes running back*
Sorry everybody, I had chores to do, but I'm done now, so can I play?  I like legos and building stuff, and I love Anne of Green Gables!  And I know the words to lots of silly songs, too, like "have you ever ever ever in your long legged life seen a long legged spider with his long legged wife?"  And I have a pony named Trigger, he's dapple grey and gentle, so much fun to ride!

#53 Guest_On My Way_*

Guest_On My Way_*
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Posted 22 January 2002 - 09:10 AM

That's what's nice about here...the "Pandy's Park"...
it's all Happily Ever After...right?

I'm feelin' lonely today...where are you guys?

Are ya hidin'?

#54 Guest__*

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Posted 31 March 2002 - 03:23 AM

Sure no problem you will see
I just love little puppies
But make sure you hold him tight
I wouldnt want to lose him during the flight
But we can't go flying right now
Because I must go lay down
As it's past this dragon's bed time
Tomorrow we will go fly, so start the line.

#55 Guest__*

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Posted 19 January 2002 - 08:17 AM

*looks puzzled* middle earth?? never heard of it. but if u say its cool it must be :)

One day im going to dig a hole in my backyard and reach all the way to china. thats a lot of digging you know and if i get yelled at or hurt agian i can just jump in my hole and go to china and hide from the bad people

#56 Guest_tkb_*

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Posted 19 January 2002 - 06:45 PM

Conkey Donkey?! That is a silly name!!! :) hee hee hee

LiL Donnie let's make a castle! here are the legos. i have a huge box of em! Aoife--here are the legos!


#57 Guest__*

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Posted 20 January 2002 - 04:21 PM

Hey Lil' Lou and Lil' Aoife, i drew some pictures of flowers and the sunshine for you...hope they make you smile some..:)

*Lil' Donnie hugs you both...*

#58 Guest__*

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Posted 24 January 2002 - 04:25 PM

Eh, ladybirds and butterflies are better off free anyway.  Let's get messy anyway, no one here to frown at us for the dirt, and if they do, my daddy will beat 'em up.  He says "kids are 10% dirt, anyway, let 'em play"

#59 Guest__*

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Posted 19 February 2002 - 05:02 PM

snowy's (SnowDragon) is throwing jello, so watch out!!!

#60 Guest_kaycee_*

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Posted 01 September 2002 - 09:57 PM

Lil smiles....you have all the cookies you want...  I've got your favorite I bet.  

Can I climb trees and blow bubbles too?  I'm pretty good at climbin'....as long as I don't fall out and get all scratched up...lol...

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