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5 worst betrayals

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#61 Louise

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Posted 07 April 2010 - 04:53 AM

One of the first people I told about my rape was a teacher at my school. My rapist was another teacher. She was really wonderful and talked to me and helped me tell my parents. But when the CPS said they couldn't prosecute I think she thought I was lying all along. I saw her a couple of weeks after he was allowed back at school, laughing with him whilst on bus duty. That hurt. I never spoke to her again.

Oh,Bumblebee, it must have hurt horribly to see her sweep it under the rug and treat your rapist as a friend after she'd engaged your trust. No wonder you never spoke to her again :hug:

#62 bmeads18

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 02:27 PM

For me the worst betrayal was from my grandparents. These people are my blood and yet they let the man who abused me as child into their home. For fuck sake they make him cups of tea.
I am now the mad deranged member fo the famliy because I dare to express the opinion that this isnt right.
How did i work thru it? I said fuck the lot of you.

My mawmaw did allowed my cousin back into her house TO LIVE after i told her what happened and she said she believed me and that he couldn't stay at her house but a week later he was back- and she pays for everything for him- i don't get it- does she believe me and not care- or she just thinks i'm lying?? fair to say i'm a tad p.o

#63 bmeads18

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Posted 04 July 2010 - 02:39 PM


1. My Cousin (29) - he was my favorite cousin out of hundreds always looked forward to seeing him when i visited my mawmaw- then when i was 18 decided it was okay to molest me and then try and rape me- he was someone i thought i could count on and someone i thought was a good adult- i couldn't have been more wrong

2. My MAwmaw- she told my parents my cousin could no longer live in her house after what he did to me- a week later he was back in the house and she pays for most of his things

3. My "best friend"- it was really hard for me to talk about- and after i told her- she just blew it off and told me about how great her and her boyfriend were doing- she acted like it wasnt a big deal at all

4. Myself- i don't talk about it- i don't deny it but i avoid it- i figure if i stay positive and only think of happy things that it'll eventually go away- it's like a dark spot i'm trying to cover up with smile

#64 2ndchance

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Posted 07 July 2010 - 09:49 AM

1st betrayal - My older brother, who was supposed to be the one who protects me and support me through everything in my life was actually the one who first tried to give me to his friends as payment and then he himself went after me.
2nd betrayal- My mom, she is constantly on the phone with him although she knows all of what he did. She takes him places and it seems like she and my dad are having a secret realtionship with him and I believe have even had him out to our house when I wasn't there. They help me to remember daily to remember what he did to me.

#65 helden05

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 08:42 PM

My boyfriend at the time.

We weren't together at the time of the r*pe, but the person who did it to me was one of his friends. The next couple months after that I didn't even consider that I had been r*ped, I just thought I had been drunkenly promiscuous. When I finally began to validate my own feelings and told my boyfriend, he told me he thought I was blowing it out of proportion.

I told him it killed me inside whenever he'd hang out with him, laugh with him, or talk to him to lightheartedly. My boyfriend said he was in a tough position and didn't want to have to chose between us and be in the middle. Tough position. Really? He wouldn't even notice how bothered I seemed when he'd talk to him in front of me. And the thing that I just can not understand, and probably never will, is why he thought it'd be okay to bring the asshole over to my house when I was having a party. My own f*cking house.

How can anyone be so stupid and careless?

Needless to say, we are no longer a couple. The worst part is, I wasn't the one to break it off--I loved him too much. I thought eventually he'd understand and take my side. But no, he broke up with me because he just didn't feel the same way. So I basically put up with having to be around the person who r*ped me, just to get dumped in the end.

#66 Atargatis

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Posted 15 July 2010 - 01:00 AM

possible *T*

1. The teacher/"mentor" who did it. He invited me to have lunch at his house. Even though I considered him a friend, I hesitated because I wasn't used to older people inviting me over like that. He sensed my hesitation and said "listen, you don't have to be afraid of me." So I did go to his house, and that was when he did it.

2. "Peter", the first friend I told. He told me that it was wrong for me to have befriended an older man in the first place- he even literally said "Well, I hate to say I told you so...". After that I gave up on seeking help or sympathy, and wound up disappearing from all my friends and just letting the perp use and blackmail me until I broke down and dropped out of college. My life would have been very different if Peter hadn't reacted that way, or if I'd had the presence of mind to dismiss him and his thoughtless words.

3. Not sure if this counts, but the perp's (supposedly separated) wife who personally contacted me and accused me of being a homewrecker and wronging her and her children. (The perp had actually told me enough about her that I know his "relationship" with her began very much like what happened with me- she was the same age and everything. He did the same thing to her and she rightfully called it R, but he eventually convinced her she was wrong, and she tragically wound up marrying him and having kids with him. My heart breaks for her, even though she shamed me.)

4. My parents for not letting me feel like I could tell them a thing like that. All my life, whenever anyone harassed or bullied me, my father blamed me and punished me strictly, and my mother let him. So telling them about the R was unthinkable, because I knew they would make life at home miserable for me. To this day, all they know is that I was frantic to stop attending university for no apparent reason.

Well, I am trying to confront my trauma and heal, and joining this forum is a part of that. I did eventually complete my degree. And I have decided I will eventually talk to my mother about it, but not until I have moved out.

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#67 3Painz4eva

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Posted 13 August 2010 - 02:03 PM

*takes a deep breathe* The worst betrayl for my is my ex because i trusted him so much n He was the 1 who raped me

#68 bonniemarie

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Posted 21 September 2010 - 09:15 PM

The place where I work,Iam on workers comp because that is where it happened the worst night of my life,and the boss did nothing about it when I finally told her,he worked there another 10 months before he resigned and today the boss has never rang.I WILL NEVER GO BACK

#69 NameIsDraka

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Posted 10 October 2010 - 09:02 AM

He was kind of my boyfriend... we weren't doing anything. Hadn't even kissed. He said that we should wait before going into a relationship. "I don't want to run and find out I should have walked." is what he said.

Funny, he didn't seem to mind running.

That was the first betrayal. 6 months of abuse. 2 months of rape and 1 month of torture.

The other betrayal... I don't know if it's worse or not... was from the school faculty. Teachers walked by as he did all this to me. They did nothing. They just walked by and never stopped him.

#70 Chopsmum

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 02:59 AM

My father and my uncle for not taking care of us (we were 2 and 5 when it started) and letting boy cousins take care of us / "play" with us when our and their mothers were sleeping.
My father for not protecting me (after I told him I was left in hospital

My ex husband for raping me anally and vaginally (I had to slide it down so it wasnt anally again)
Denying it to everyone, laughing at me when I bring up the PTSD symptoms (this happened again today)
Leaving me in hospital and taking my 4 year old on a holiday
For refusing to let my oldest son and me attend my 4 year old's birthday party
For organising child protection so that they questioned my ability to look after the little one (I was accused of trying to kill myself, self injure and have sex with a woman IN FRONT of my kids).
For leaving me unprotected at a football game and watching me go down another escalator (men taunted me).
For all of the mental abuse and gaslighting (psychological abuse)
For letting me find out he had a new partner through a real estate agent ringing up
For trying to take the kids off me completely under the view that I was mentally unwell. This was a payback for organising an intervention order against him.
For a subpoena on work, hospital and other records to try to claim that I was crazy rather than abused.

His mother
For saying that I was lucky that i didnt hurt him more when he beat me up (I slapped his face), he choked me and punched me repeatedly in the head and gave me concussion. For denying the rapes occured even though she was a survivor of a beating herself from her own husband

My brother
When I asked my brother to intervene in the abuse, he said to my mum that he couldnt cos it would "wreck Christmas".

His friend Julie
I had confided that I was in a domestic abusive situation and had previously been raped. We were getting to know eachother. I said if I have a problem with you, I will tell you. She said if I have a problem with you, I will tell you husband. She told me one night I invited them over for dinner that I should be grateful for my ex husband marrying me considering I was ........(mentally unwell). (I was told I had bipolar, turns out I have C-PTSD) I wasnt mentally unwell until I met him.

At the time I received a demand for full custody of the children and the claims that I was crazy rather than abused, they sent on the same day, what I considered a ransom request for between $50k to $100K to represent me in a family court case, without asking me how I wanted to proceed. Apparently this is unconscionable conduct and is a criminal act as they were taking advantage of me and there was a significant power difference between us at the time.

His friend Vyv
He knew I had been beaten and raped. He witnessed my ex husband laughing about my beating at a dinner in a restaurant that I paid for. He would intervene when he saw my ex get nasty at home. He was beaten himself by his wife some years back. Yet he still is supporting him 100%.

#71 Zarathustra

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Posted 11 October 2010 - 03:25 PM

Four of these are betrayals by people I trusted enough to tell about my rape.

5. One of my closer friends reacting to me telling her that I had been raped by saying "I have to go now."

4. My older brother getting really fucking drunk one night and starting to yell about me regarding how big of a failure I supposedly was and how I needed to "grow up" and "make some real decisions about my life." (He was the one still living at his dad's house at age 28... I was only 19.) He also accused me of thinking I was "SO WISE" since I've been through "SO MUCH," all said very sarcastically. Later I wanted to go upstairs to try and patch up the argument with him, thinking perhaps I had some part in it after all. I asked before entering his room if he was "decent." He said yes. I came upstairs to find him stark naked. He tried to say something about how he was so comfortable with me that he didn't give a fuck if I saw him naked and hoped I was comfortable enough not to care either. Needless to say I turned around and quickly left. Very triggering and gross. He still creeps me out.

3. My best friend came over to support me after a very challenging interaction with the police during which I had to call my perp on the phone and confront him. (The cops were taping the call, and I was supposed to try and get a confession from my abuser.) Anyway, after everything she KNEW I had been through that day, she started an argument about something silly, and when I told her that I wasn't in a place to talk about it, she said something like "Well, since you've just ASSIGNED yourself breaking-down status, I clearly can't say ANYTHING to criticize you!"

Yeah, I love her dearly, but part of me wonders how our friendship survived that.

2. My mother reacting to me telling her that I was feeling suicidal and needed to stop arguing with her by continuing to scream, rant, and rage about something that was none of her business in the first place, completely ignoring my need to disengage, until I was literally on the floor hyperventilating from sobbing and my dad had to intervene.

And worst of all, of course:

1. ... was my perp drugging, abusing and raping me when I had formerly loved and trusted him.

#72 jolson

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Posted 21 October 2010 - 03:15 AM

The biggest betrayal for me was during the divorce process when church friends testified on his behalf that he was so wonderful, and also during and after the divorce I found out some of the people KNEW that he probably has a mental illness or something wrong and had known even before we got together...all those years they looked me in the eye and smiled and said how wonderful it was that we were married. It was the church betrayal more than anything for me because I had grown up in this "one and only right way on earth" and believed and trusted in it. But the good thing is that as a result I broke free from that and now see that religious group for what it truly is.

#73 LVangel

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Posted 22 October 2010 - 09:21 PM

When I lost All of my friends.

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#74 prettypoison

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Posted 03 November 2010 - 05:30 PM

Possible T

My own Mother didn't believe me. She continued to talk to him, she even asked him to come paint our house for her. I couldn't understand how she never believed me but then I started to think "Ok well she knew him for so long and they were together once so of course she doesn't want to believe the things he did to me.
Then another girl stepped forward and said he had done things to her as well and all of a sudden my Mother finally believed me and I think that hurt the most. The things I told her meant nothing. The fact that I called her screaming and crying that she come get me or find someone to come get me RIGHT THEN. The nightmares, the emails I told her he sent me. He own friend who came and got me who read/saw everything telling her what had happened and she still to my face called me a liar. Then one little girl who was a complete stranger to her came forward and suddenly she was so full of apologies for doubting me. I didn't need her then. I needed her to believe me and be there for me when it happened, when I had NO ONE to lean on for support that wouldn't throw it back in my face.

My bf at the time and the things he said to me. He used to fight with me and say things like "He knew you were a whore and knew you wanted him to watch you and record you". "You deserved all of it because your a slut". Then the next day he would turn around and tell me he wanted to kill him for what he did...

Myself because I let that man back into my life so many times because I was convinced I was paranoid until I found the camera and videos. Because I didn't tell the police right away. Because I read all of the mind fuck emails he sent me telling me he thought "I wanted him" when I should have just deleted them and never put myself through that.

#75 nickita

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Posted 05 November 2010 - 12:56 AM

My worst betrayal now is the fact that my now ex husband confessed and apologised to me for what 'happened' on facebook chat log, i had no way of saving it not being computer literate... I asked the police who were already involved... 4 days later someone came to 'look at it and read it' and said that this was enough evidence to now go ahead with a charge against him, added to the other evidence that had been collected which was not enough on its own. then last night after managing to save it for several days without shutting the computer down, waiting for a special team to come and retrieve the messages so they could be evidenced... facebook has just crashed and its all lost... all of it... there is now no way to evidence it... i am devastated... and feel totally betrayed by the system now was well as him.

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