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Top 10 Stupidest Comments

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Posted 02 July 2002 - 12:30 PM

  I'm totally shocked and pissed off. I can't believe some people.It's as tho they've had every last little bit of common sense removed or something. I hate it. Knitting will cure all. Of course,why didnt we think of this before!!

 I had a lovely comment from my best friend who was the very first person i talked to about this properly.

 My dad had died and i guess it seemed to bring out all the other pain tucked away about what an "ex" had done to me. She listened in the beginning but a while after she came out with "Shit happens."!

 I was alittle shocked to say the least but i've learned not to talk to her about this anymore as she seems to have a pretty interesting way of dealing with pain.


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Posted 04 July 2002 - 08:20 PM

Jes: You ROCK! I'll bet Bill will be watching his mouth now.

Mother: "Knitting???" ...that's absolutely ridiculous! He/She might have better said, "you might want to take up studying the mating-habits of African Ants...just to get your mind off the fact that you'd rather be dead." ...Now I've heard it all. Sounds like you ditched that psychiatrist (rightfully so)...and I certainly hope you did hon. Yuck!


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Posted 19 July 2002 - 05:27 AM

This isn't something stupid that was said to me, I just thought about it when I saw kitsa's reply about the teacher and student...

I grew up way out in the sticks... Our school district was the largest district in the state area wise, but one of the smaller one's student population wise (there were about 80 in my graduating class and only around 300 in the whole school - freshman through senior yrs)...

Anyway... Teacher student relationships ran rampant (am I saying that right?) in my opinion... In one summer there were three girls that got married to teachers as soon as they graduated... All the teachers and students were at the same school (mine) and Not one teacher was less than 33 yrs old... No one questioned what was going on - it was just accepted... One of the relationships was between the school health nurse's daughter and a 38 yr old teacher (they had been dating since she was a sophmore)...  NONE of them were pregnant however...

In the village i grew up in (population 389 I believe - once we became incorporated that is), there were two divorces bec of fathers wanting to marry the babysitter in about a two yr span of time... One "couple" I knew (bec. she babysat me)... She was in high school and they hired her to babysit... Within about a year he was divorced and he and the babysitter were "dating" (in secret, although you don't keep secrets like that in small towns - she was about 15 maybe - it happened like 25 yrs ago and I don't live there anymore)... They got married when she was 18...


P.S. The kicker in the story with the babysitter i knew?  His wife lost the kids bec he was married and according to the court system that meant he could provide a more stable environment...

They're still together and their newest business?  They own and run a day care center...

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Posted 25 December 2002 - 05:49 AM

[quote]Quote: from Cherry Blossom on 11:49 pm on July 18, 2002
Add this special tidbit to the fuckwit mix:

"There are those who will take advantage of the drunken ones and influence their decision, but ultimately, YOU GOT YOURSELF THERE, I don't care if someone slipped something into your drink; the slipper did not force you to continue drinking your beverage or whatever the case may be. I'm sure there are those instances where you may be forced into doing it from some threat or whatever, but ultimately: You got yourself there. Period. You chose to go, you chose to hang out with those people, you chose to form the opinion of those people, you chose to trust them."

Sorry was just reading through this thread and came across this older pearl of wisdom and was so outraged I had to respond. HUH? You got yourself there? WTF? The rapist "got himself there" too, with the intention of causing distress and trauma to another human being. Since when is trusting someone or drinking a beverage a crime? Using this "logic" the victims of September 11 and Bali were responsible too - after all, they put themselves in a dangerous vicinity. I know, lets not punish the terrorists, lets just blame the victims. They got themselves there, after all!

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Posted 04 November 2002 - 11:02 PM

The stupidest comment I ever heard was from some dickhead who was trying to get into my pants about three months after the incident. He had been a casual aquaintance for a while and got along well with my dad, so I assumed he was a decent person! After we were talking for a while, I told him very basically about the incident. His first response "You can't tell ME no one would have been around at 5pm in the afternoon" - Okay! Forgot *you* were the one it happened to, not me. Surely YOU'D know the details better than I would! WTF was I thinking. Then he asked if I'd had sex since then. I told him no, and he's like "Oh, we better do something about that, you don't wanna go cold or anything"... Sensitive much? I didn't talk to him again.

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Posted 25 January 2003 - 11:14 PM

My mom found out when she read my journal when I came home from college over Thanksgiving break this past fall.  She said nothing for hours till I finally asked shy she was all of a sudden so quiet.  She told me that she had read my entire journal.  She yelled at me for being "immature with eating habits" (bulimic) and for not telling her that I was seeing a counselor.  After she was done yelling I said that it's been really hard dealing with the rape.  She responded "well you only slept with him once, so you're not a slut."  Gotta love family support!

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Posted 02 March 2003 - 08:53 AM

My God people are stupid.

One of my teachers knew that a song had "Bothered" me in choir, but didn't (and still doesn't) know my story, or why it bothered me... but she decided to offer some lovely advice... and in the middle of a 30 minute lecture about not LETTING myself be victimized and not LETTING that song get to me was this pearl of wisdom.... "Just get over it, go in there and sing and have fun." Well, Thank You SOOOO much, I wasn't aware that it was that freakin' simple.you know what? Maybe while I'm singing that song, I can knit you a scarf, and that'll make it ALLL better. Oh, and then I'll fix my choir director a lovely Chinese meal. :P

Also, I had left work one day because I was triggered REALLY badly, but I just told them that I "didn't feel good." I felt a little guilty about that, so I decided that I would tell my boss the real reason for leaving. I said " I have been dealing with a lot of repressed memories lately, and I have had a lot of memories of rape and ab--" He interupted me and said (Very quickly) "Oh, that's not a big deal, glad I could help" while waving his hand at me, and then walked very quickly away. Come on, it's not like I'm contaminated or anything... and what, did you think that moving the air around with your hand would make it all just magically disappear? Next employee party, I'll make chinese for everyone, although, maybe you shouldn't eat it... I might contaminate it. :P

Grr, stupid stupid people...

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Posted 22 March 2003 - 08:46 AM


People's ignorance never ceases to amaze me - what an #######!  I'm sorry that you and Dave had to experience that.  And, Amy, if you read this - that was classic!  

Much love,

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Posted 18 July 2003 - 04:00 AM

The worst thing that was said to me was said by my doctor. I have been raped 3 times by 3 different people, I suffered with depression and I told my doctor what had happened as I was considering hypnotherapy. His advice was not to have hypnotherapy but : "Think about why you put yourself in that position and try not to put yourself in that position again"
I'd like to know what that position is. No woman puts herself in the position to get raped, thats just like telling me its my fault. I have not been back to that doctor since. He set me back so far, I hated myself for weeks after he said that to me.

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Posted 03 August 2003 - 06:36 PM

Okay I read the first page and got pissed off.  How can someone believe that once you get raped once and become a rape victim mean that you can't dress a certain way anymore?!

But what seems to be the main point behind what everyone's saying is that they don't understand how it feels to be a victim, so they don't think it's that big of a deal.  Is that a reasonable assumption?

Actually I don't really have any stupid comments because the people I have told know what it's like to be in my shoes.  I just wanted to express my feelings is all.  Thanks.


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Posted 02 July 2002 - 02:45 PM

<i>How much time do you think it would take to educate these complete fuckwits???????? </i>

I think it would probably be quicker to go with Artie's suggestion, and knit them a new brain. Or cook them one, with Lou's excellent local courses in chinese cookery.

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Posted 02 July 2002 - 03:46 PM

<i>I thought EVERYBODY got brains right along with their body</i>


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Posted 19 July 2002 - 04:48 AM

First one: "It doesn't count because he's your boyfriend. It's just what happens when you don't give out. They have rights too you know."


"It couldn't have been THAT bad....she was only a woman after all. How much could a woman have done to you?"

the second one was from my school counsellor when i started shaking and disappearing in one of our sessions. She also told me that I couldn't apply for special consideration to get into uni because "I haven't suffered any major trauma, only mild incidents." Mild incidents my arse. luckily i got in without it...but seriously, fuck her.

and this one really freaked me out once...we were discussing this sexual abuse case between a teacher and student that was in the news for AGES here, in legal studies at school last year. One of my classmates said that he didn't think the case qualified as sexual abuse because it seemed the the teacher and the student were actually in love...that it was a real 'lolita' situation. he said that if you go back to your abuser again and again then it's not really abuse...and my teacher (a hardcore feminist - you'd think she'd know better) said that she agreed with him on his opinion that the two loved each other and therefore it wasn't abuse. For fuck's sake. I could have thrown up then and there. She was a schoolgirl. He was a teacher. She was like 13 or something. He was about 40. He had sex with her. 20 years later she confronted him about his abuse. Obviously it was.

Sometimes people are so thick it almost makes me laugh.

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Posted 02 January 2003 - 06:30 PM


Ouch, from a short-lived boyfriend:  "You must have been a really pretty little girl."

Oh yeah. The most seductive four year old to ever wiggle her hips down the sidewalk. What a creepy guy he was...

From a usually brain-intact dear friend: "I think that this has been an ennobling experience for you; maybe you should think about using your struggle in your work."  Ennobling? Fuck you, hon.  Don't tell me how noble I'm being or how to use this like some found-art piece, not when I'm disintegrating on your floor.

From my insane religion teacher in 12th grade: "God's laws are not for his sake, but for his children's - you see now his wisdom in reserving sex for the santifying confines of married life.  Healing comes in accepting our sins and receiving his forgiveness with humble hearts."  I shit you not, this was in a journal we had to keep.  I didn't know what to do.  Forgive me, father, for I seduced my stepfather.  Forgive me for I charmed my boyfriend into smashing me into a tree and pounding cemetary dirt into me.  I'm really, really sorry.

I'm going to give it all up and be a silent, knitting, Chinese cook for the rest of my days. ::sigh::

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Posted 13 December 2002 - 11:29 PM

my ex used to say "get over it"  that's why he's my ex :D

and recently it was my so called best friend of 17 years who said "dont you think you've played the "poor me, I was r*ped" story a little too long?  Isnt it time to move on and get over it"
I told this person that if they would take responsibility for their own life and stand on your own two feet, and not depend on me so much, maybe I could actually have time to help myself.  We're no longer friends. DUMB-BUTT!

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