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Posted 07 January 2002 - 07:05 PM


What a ?!  Like you, I'd like to believe rehabilitation is possible.  The idealist in me wants to think that.  The realist in me says it's just not possible.  Being raped by a cop really skewed my view on this issue, so I may not be the most "objective" person.  ####, I guess none of us here are.

If you asked me what I want, I'd say to do what we can to rehabilitate these bastards so when they come out the world is a safer place.  I think, however; @ this point that issue is irrelevant.  I can only hope that we can all work together to educate society about the true tragedy that rape is.  That we can work together to do what we can for survivors.  Helping them heal.  Actively seeking legislation to put these bastards away for the life sentence that WE serve!  Sorry, I'm actually just getting pissed off thinking about this!  

Thanks for making me think Kellie.  This angry feeling feels good!


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 09:33 PM

I think this brings up the bigger question....

Nature or nuture?

or do we even want to go there?  That to me is the root of this question.  If the cause of the evil is nurture...then yes with effective (not once a month rehab) treatment...maybe? (psych major speaking...survivor is screaming at me now)

Any thoughts?


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Posted 08 January 2002 - 01:17 AM


Ya know what im gonna put my angery 2 cents in, i do NOT believe anyone can be rehablitated. Once a sick ass always a sick ass, it doesnt change nothing. If your a sick bastard who thinks sick ass thoughts you always do. I dont care how much rehab one gets and how much jail or prison time, they say they are all better but give me a break they are not.As the old saying goes "give them an inch and they will take a mile." Some may smother that feeling but that doesnt hide what they once were, never EVER does it.

One does wrong period in my book, maybe my book is outdated. But i have seen 2 by myself, 2 different guys and by the looks of them when i get the lovely time of seeing them i see no apologies i see nothing but hate.

I see no rehab, this isnt drug rehab or alcohol this is rape and abuse, this sint something yiou just plain crave to take your mind off things. This is something that is sick and so misused by just about every f*cking human being.

You have the abusers and you have the ignorant, where do you turn but to ppl that can relate to you and have been there. From the members here and every other board and every other place that just does not have a computer, no i do NOT see rehabilitated. I see disgusting f*cking bastards.

Sorry for my anger...

Donna =)

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 08:58 AM

To everyone ((hugs))

I don't know about the rehibilitation process.  I took would like to believe that people can change, and all have good in them.  But having part of me taken away by someone else- kinda hinders those thoughts.  But then again everyone makes mistakes, and does things they regret, and being as some of those who've assulted me were my age, or younger, I wonder how they came to know anything about "sexual" acts.  In turn making me think they were abused themselves.  I know people who've changed their lives so completely, from being drug abusers, prositutes for money to buy drugs, numerous things, and have truly changed their lives.  I can't say for sure that ALL sex offenders could change, but Im sure some could...If they have the esteem, and they have to WANT to change in the first place.  Let us hope for the good of the world.
((gentle hugs))
Just an added thought... some people don't come to a realization that what they are doing is wrong until they find something- whether that be God, Love, etc just something that actually means something to them.  If an offender found "something" to put their life into, and then was like hit with lightening that "hey Im a totally sicko" and got the help- wouldn't that count for something?  Not to say that all of them would, nor that the judicial system is the most wonderful/perfect thing in the world.  I agree more should be done publically against sex offenders when they are caught.  More then just jail time, or fines. <shrug> I dunno maybe Im giving too much benefit of a doubt?

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 07:17 PM


I have to agree with what seems to be the general consensus here, I really don't think they can be.  You can't make someone have a conscience.



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Posted 11 January 2002 - 12:14 AM

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Posted 26 February 2002 - 10:45 PM

Admittedly, I haven't read everyone's posts but the way I see it there's only one way to ensure that someone won't rape ever again, and that's to castrate.  Unfortunately, the judicial system doesn't condone this course of action.  So, here's what I think:

Nobody can be rehabilitated unless they want to be.  I don't imagine that too many rapists really want to be rehabilitated, as they obviously do it because they want to.  I've never heard anyone say "I didn't want to rape her, I just couldn't control myself."  I don't know, just my opinion.

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Posted 07 January 2002 - 06:42 PM

Ok so they let this guy out of jail. He had assaulted three people and they let him out three years early. He apparently completed a "sexual offender rehabilitation program" Well in the course of three hours saturday night he kidnapped and assaulted two teenage girl from the school I transferred out of two years ago. So I guess my question is do you feel offenders can be rehabilitated? Do you trust the system that says they are healed after this "program". The psychology part of me wants to say they can be rehabilitated but the realist survivor in me feels they can't. I think that my first attacker was so young that it was ingrained in him from a very early age. I don't know. I want other people's opinions.


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 06:55 PM

I personally don't think that they can be rehabilitated. Just my opinion. It's prolly my pessimistic nature saying that because I would love to believe that it is possible.


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 07:24 PM

   This is a topic that's always "interesting" for me being that I am both a psych major and a rape/sexual assault survivior. Like you, I struggle between wanting to believe my education and training will eventually rehabilitate a sick individual and wanting to do what I think they deserve.....throwing them in jail forever, castrating them, etc etc....I think you all understand wishes to change the legal system.

I don't believe it's possible right now. I have (a little tiny bit) of hope for the future. I think awareness education is much more important as a large percentage of rapes are acquaintance related, and by seemingly "normal" rapists, as in not sadistic, psychotic sociopaths--though they are frighteningly out there.

I beleive that until rehab proves successful, counseling and empowering survivors and educating the public is #1, and jail time preferred over these bastards getting out b/c they've completed a bullshit program that says they're "cured".

Oh, now you've got me all worked up! :)
Good topic, though.
Take care.                            Hugz, Emili

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Posted 07 January 2002 - 09:02 PM

i think answering this question in terms of "the system" is impossible.  i'm sure that somewhere out there there is a sex offender who, through jail time and therapy, has found that they were wrong and really want to live a normal life and not hurt anyone else.  but there are also those sex offenders who can't wait to get out and do it again.  it's all individual, and probably difficult to impossible to tell who is going to be good and who is going to be bad.  i'd hate for any person who truely feels sorry for what they have done to have to sit in jail for the rest of their life instead of moving on as a normal person.  i think sertain people deserve a second chance.  there are some pretty full proof ways to moniter reformed sex offenders.  

i don't really have a strong opinion either way.  except to say that all sex offenders who go free should have to have continued counselling, and monitoring 24 hours a day.  they should never be out of someones sight.


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 10:17 PM


You hit a raw nerve in me, by asking this...so pardon my rant if this gets out of hand.

This was something my therapist and I discussed/"hashed out" in many sessions of my therapy, and she has also "treated" offenders. Of which, quite honestly, made me very, VERY angry to be seeing her myself. I thought, "how could SHE?" However, I saw past that and realized it as an opportunity to find out the question we all have, as survivors. Can sex offenders be rehabilited???

I can't describe the heat inside that room as we talked/argued and agreed on certain things. Our conversations always led to our 'hands in the air', and a question of, "What do we do to stop them then?" and "How do we do it fairly/justly, and with compassion?" Need I tell you, that we had no conclusion. EVER.

I am DEAD-SET in the reality that sex offenders can NOT be rehabilitated, by any means. My therapist agrees, through her own educated opinion. She seemed to be 'admitting' to me, when I asked the question, that there has NEVER been proof of rehabilitation, in sex offenders. She seemed relunctant to divulge it to me, personally. I think she already suspected that I knew. That 'admittance' (for lack of a better word) was all the fuel I needed to believe it, once and for all. I had wondered for so long and I felt that, NOW, I could finally believe it (and not be as bad as them/ not as hate-filled/ not as cruel).

There is no answer to WHY rape and abuse happens, in the first place. If we had the sorce, we would have conquered by now. We all know it's not necessary for human survival...to rape and molest each other. We all know it is simply a 'theivery' for power (and that's it). But why do they want that power so badly that they would force a 'life sentence' (cheers Jackie) on those of us who survive it? I don't believe we have an answer to that. AND, I strongly believe that NO excuse is adequate!

When thinking in terms of psychology, one might try to argue that sex abuse/rape is a vicious circle of damage. Meaning, "it happened to them, so they do it us...they don't know any better". Throughout my court case as a young child, I was often told that it was my responsibility to "break the chain". If I didn't end it, who would? At the time, it kept me focused...but I didn't believe it- not even as a child. Well here I am today, a survivor of severe sexual abuse/sexual harrassment/sexual deviance...and I have NEVER touched, or raped another child/person. NOR, would I even consider it a "good idea"...as sexual predators would! There is NO excuse, or reason, that these monsters prey on innocent people and children. They are animals, they are pigs and they are cowards. Period.

Like someone has already mentioned, with medication and so called, "programming" these offenders can be supressed...(but for how long?). Until they decide they can't control themselves anymore??? Until they decide that they hurt so bad (through their own past) that they HAVE to inflict it on someone else...They NEED to do it to feel better???

Well that's NOT good enough. It's not a risk we should be forcing on the general public...on each other! How it's gone on so long...I have no idea!

I KNOW, and I SEE...deep inside my aching little girl, that these sex offenders are destructive, immoral, in-human...from every direction, from every angle and through every tear I shed, as a result...every single day I breathe.

My answer:

#### NO! There is NO such thing as a "rehabilitated sex offender". The phrase itself has me rolling my eyes.


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Posted 07 January 2002 - 10:35 PM


I love you my friend.  Sending you the most gentle of hugs & holding your hand...

Lots & Lots of Love,

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 01:10 AM

I've done research on this!

It very, very much depends on the individual in question.

My opinion is, It depends WHY the r*pist r*pes.

Are they mentally ill?
(Psychopaths or those with Antisocial Personality Disorder)
Definition of psychopathy is basically: the person is mentally incapable of feeling empathy for another. This makes it REAL easy to commit a crime without guilt.

Group therapy with other psychopaths is usually the most effective method of curing/rehabilitating.

HOWEVER Psychopaths are very rarely completely "cured".

If the r*pist is not ill, he IS capable of guilt & can be stopped in that way.

However, he's quite likely to be a complete shithead.

There has to be a way, though! There has to be some kind of method.

(sorry for my babble; It's just I plan to take a Uni course in a couple of years and specialize in this stuff.)

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Posted 08 January 2002 - 07:41 AM

I think that I'm undecided whether or not any abusers can be rehabilitated.  I'm going to agree with CrystalUnicorn that I think it all depends on why an abuser does what he or she does.

I don't think my rapist will ever be rehabilitated, but evidently someone does.  Or else he'd be in jail, right?



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