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escape button please

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#1 Emz

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Posted 25 January 2011 - 11:58 AM

i was recently looking at a survivor website which had an "escape button" this basically hovered around the side of the screen so no matter were abouts on the page you are you can easily get back to google or whatever your home page happens to be. I thought this may be useful here. It would be quicker than having to scroll back to the top to close or minimise.

This may also prove safer for some of the people using this site that may not want other people to know about it.

Just a thought, thanks

#2 Susan

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 08:59 AM

Hi Emz,

Thanks for suggesting this. :) It's actually come up before and I believe it may be considered for the next board upgrade but we can't do it right now. What you could do if you want to exit quickly is to bookmark "Google" or something similer then with one click you exit, if needed. Hope this helps.

Take care,

#3 laura072966

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Posted 26 January 2011 - 12:53 PM

Another thing I do is to have another tab open and just click the other tab real quick if it something I don't want someone to see. It is real quick and very easy to do.

Good luck,

Laura xx

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