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Please help me with navigating this forum

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#1 vince

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Posted 09 May 2010 - 10:25 PM

I'd like to join the Mens Forum. It seems as though I need a separate password and this can be achieved by asking a moderator. But I can't find a way on the forum to find a moderator. There are other forums I'd like to post to find out everyones opinion if I was sexually abused or not and though I have a log in password to the site I can't access all the forums. Please help me. I really have some questions I need answered especially in the mens forum. Thank you

#2 Kate

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Posted 10 May 2010 - 03:09 AM

Hi Vince,

I'll send you a message with the Men's forum password - at the top far-right hand side of the screen, you'll see a dark green rectangle with your name on it. Click on that and drop-down menu will appear - select Inbox. You'll see there any messages you have received. Click on them to read them, and click Reply to send a message back to that person. To find out who the board moderators are, just go down the bottom of the page when you are on the main page of the forum (where it lists all the different forums you can access) and you'll see a blue link that says "Moderators". Click on that and it will show you a list of the people who are board moderators. To message them, simply type their name in to the "To" line when you start a new private message when in your inbox. The board mods are myself, Ash, Jackie, Katy, Kristy, Cadence, Sadie, and Melinda.

At the moment, when you look at the post you just made you'll see to the left hand side of the screen your username, and some stats about you. You have only made 2 posts, which means that for security reasons you won't be able to access your profile, other people's profiles, or the My Story forum. When you have five posts on the board you'll be able to look at all of those things. Can you let me know which forums you are unable to get into? Some of our forums are password protected, as you know, and others are open to members but are reply only - meaning you cannot start your own posts. My Voice is usually the most general forum to post in about survivor and healing issues if you aren't sure exactly where to post.

Most of all, I encourage you just to look around and experiment with all of the links etc you see on the page - it's the best way to learn how to navigate site, and importantly, you can't break anything!! :) It sounds confusing when you're learning it all at once, but I promise you it will get easier! Just take your time to settle in.

Take good care,

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