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    • babydoll7  »  ScoutFinch

      Hi SF, just want to send you beautiful thoughts and wishes.  Hope you are well and that only good is happening for you. xo
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    • BrokenButTrying  »  Terle

      How have you been?
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    • zaracat  »  hopefulbib

      Just saw your recent comment and thought I'd say hi to a fellow Aussie. If you ever want to talk feel free to message me. I'm not on the site while I'm at work but am mostly logged in when I'm at home  
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    • dreamgirl

      Just typed a pm and lost it I have no energy for battling with new technology
      I feel utterly disconnected with the site now and have nothing spare with which to try to engage with it
      I'm sorry - I will really miss folk I've posted back and forth with for so long, I truly hope for each of you that you find peace and self-acceptance along your journeys.  If you want to keep in touch pm me and I will check those for a few days
      Otherwise, I feel too triggered to continue trying to engage here
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    • LoveMarie

      Facing a lot of really big decisions right now
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