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The Boat (Triggering & Graphic Memory)

Posted by Seanna , in FLASH-BACKS, MEMORY, POETRY, STORY, TRIGGERING 05 June 2011 · 26 views


Wrists bound together, Up over my head
Tied to the Table as a makeshift bed.
A Knock at the door, Some whispering I hear
An Officer Enters, Show of relief through a tear.

I plead for his help, To untie me to be free,
He removes his hat & credentials and places them on top of the TV.
My heart pounding faster, Something's not right.
He smiles as he comes closer, Feeling Panic, Fight or Flight.

Unable to move, arms bound up above,
my head hanging over, His hips thrust and shove.
He straddles my face, while choking me too.
I couldn't breathe, I'm sure I turned blue.

"Show me what you've learned so far, you nasty "C" Slut & Whore"
You're not even fighting me, I knew you wanted more.
My heart pounding faster, My legs pulled apart.
I screamed even louder, realizing this is only the start.

The belt came down, whipping with force.
Screaming in pain, rewarded with harder hits of course.
Untied from the table, Hands bound behind.
Shoved into a closet, nobody will find.

Heart pounding in fear, There's movement outside
Shuffling around, wishing I could hide.
The door opens wildly, Blinded by light
My face swollen from crying, I barely have sight.

My ankle is pulled, I'm dragged out on my back
Screaming in pain of another attack.
Sliding door opens, dragged out on the deck
Across the wood planks and straight down the steps.

Pleading for mercy, begging to stop,
Picked up off the ground, into the trunk I am dropped.
The drive seemed like hours, curled up in the back
Exhaust fumes are harsh, Conciousness I lack.

Lid opens quickly, I'm blinded with light
Told not to scream, nor put up a fight.
Pulled out of the trunk and pushed to the ground.
I hear water swishing, a very familiar sound.

Told to walk in bear feet, for over a mile.
Assaluted along the way and made to feel vile.
Continue to walk in the dark cold night.
That's when I saw it, the scariest sight.

A boat docked and stocked, awaiting for me
Knowing in my heart I'll never be free.
I drop to my knees, begging to stay
Picked up from the ground, carried the rest of the way.

Door opens to storage, I'm shoved in to wait
Seemed like forever, they were plotting my fate.
Boat docks to shore, my heart flutters in fear
I'm pulled out by my hair, now standing on the pier.

Told to walk quickly, rocks stabbing my feet
Next phase has arrived, my fate I will meet.
Old cabin in sight, surrounded by trees,
Tears and begging resume, they laugh at my pleas.

A hand on my waist, a hand on my neck
A whisper in my ear, there's no turning back.
Again I drop to my knees pleading in fear
He bends down to whisper "Go ahead & Scream, nobody will hear you from here.

Filled with terror, Ice cold sensation comes over my skin
One last whisper I hear in my ear..."Now the real training begins"

- Seanna

Hello Seanna,I just wanted to say that if this is autobiographical, I am so sorry for what you have experienced. You are an amazing poet.All the very best,Alia

I have found the only way i can tell my story is through poetry. I focus more on the flow of the words than the actual situation i'm explaining. Helps me stay grounded as I tell my story.

But Thank you.

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