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then and now.

Posted by one.day. , 03 April 2014 · 198 views

When I was scared, you would tell me to count the stars. One by one I would try and add them up. You would tell me I missed one. So I'd start all over again, frustrated. You always took the fear away. But now I'm older, I know there isn't an answer and the same fear creeps back. There is only me counting those stars. How will I know if I missed one?

When I was nervous, you would tell me to sing. Sing anything. Sing what you want to say next. You used to sing back and it would make me smile. Now I'm older, I know you won't sing back and the same anxiety floods in. Who else can sing to me?

When I was sad, you would hold me and tell me you were squeezing the pain away. You used to brush the tears from my face. Now I'm older, I know you can't build me up again and the depression sinks in. Why did you have to go?

When you were alone, I didn't come to help you. I never told you how beautiful and strong you were. Now you're not older and I left you behind. When will you come back?


I can feel your longing for this person emanating from every word.  He/she must have been very special. 


Thank you :metoyou: She was very much :)

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