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The Ironies of Life

Posted by bellachai , 07 September 2013 · 208 views

My mother is finding life after my dad's death more difficult than she anticipated with repairs to their small farm when they creep up. The newest one was finding where irrigation water is coming from that was flooding underneath the house.

She hired a man that has done many jobs for them in the past and he was the one I hired to roof my home. His work is top notch. He gave her an estimate of $4200. which she paid up front. He found the problem and dug up the pipe that needed to be replaced and put in a new French drain. Her final bill was $7200. He never told her he was going way over the estimate nor that he charged her for supplies not used or opened. She was in shock and did not have the money in her checking account so would have to wait til she transferred funds but she gave him $1000.00 in cash that she got from me. He went away without saying anything.

Later in the day his wife called and rudely demanded my mother pay what she owes them immediately. My mother hung up on her. The transferred money arrived two days latter and she sent a check with a letter stating that she is too old to tolerate rudeness from anyone especially when she has 30 days to pay in full a bill that way over the estimate and she was not warned of it. She is not tolerating their rudeness so in the future she will hire someone else for any repairs she needs.

When she told this to me I had to bite my tongue and stuff laughing cuz how many times in my lifetime have I seen and heard my mother being rude to people who did not deserve her wrath? Too many to count. Then she says to me that it is alright cuz what goes around comes around and they will get theirs in the future. Yes I guess they will just as she is now.

I ran into a family I have known for over 15 years yet have not heard nor seen them for the last year and a half. They took care of me when I broke my ankle and arm and almost drove me insane. They were having marital problems and I got to hear both sides and encounter the husbands advances to me that I told him and told him was never going to happen. It got so bad that I told the wife and requested he not come to my house alone which she apparently took care of and told me I was not the only friend of her's that he had approached. EW!!! She would do my shopping for me and I found out that she was helping herself to groceries on my food assistance without asking first. She was hanging around this other friend of hers more and more to get away from her husband I think and I could not run around town with her anymore.

The last time she called was when I told her that my long term health providers already did my grocery shopping. That was a year and a half ago.

They told me they we back together again and worked through their problems so nice me let them hug me and he still copped a feel of my breast. Yeah their problems are solved my ass!!

She told me that she has been meaning to stop by and/or call. She doesn't hang out with that one friend as she was spending more time with some other friend of their's.

The only thing I said was "oh so your friend dumped you for another?" How nice of her. She said yeah.

It is so ironic and I don't know if she got it and I don't care.

Now I feel guilty in both cases for thinking it all humorous at their expense and blindness.

Maybe people are just fickle. IDK

Blessings to all

Reading this made me feel quite helpless. I wanted to write something and I just couldn't and I wasn't sure why.

I realised what it was in my journey that made me feel that way - that part of me is always dragged back to the other person's view.

So, I recognise your strength in holding to your truth in the face of people who professed to care for you and then let you down. You see it so clearly and I'm actually glad that you found humour in it.

They both had and have the chance to understand and grow and have chosen not to, have chosen to stay in their own darkness, and you have worked hard to get into the light. Enjoy it!

Thank you for your comments. They mean a lot to me.

Here is another irony. My mother told me often while growing up that people can get through anything as long as they keep their sense of humor. I believe this to be true and try to see the humor in life experiences good and bad.

But here is the irony; my mother does not have a sense of humor. She rarely smiles or laughs. She does not practice what she preaches. She does not walk her talk. :lol:

Regardless it is good advice. :hug: :hug: :hug:

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