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*****my story....please watch******

Posted by bellaroo , 06 August 2013 · 222 views

great video. this has helped me. im sorry you had to experience that as a childhood.
Thank you so much. I'm glad it helped!!!! Dealing with any type of abuse at any age is difficult.
That's so true. I was 14 but your points spoke volumes to me & I watched every bit of it. Mighty brave to put yourself out there. I too tried to get authorities involved & they turned me away as well. When you can't get that closure, it makes it so hard to finally get over.
Im sooo glad to hear that. I needed to get things out on the table and felt that by doing this video it would only help me move forward in my process of healing. It is very difficult to not get the closure that you need. I am currently considering pursuing a civil suit case against him. I feel at least I will have "some" closure..and that too might be an option for you im not sure how old you are or where you live but if you can pursue civil charges (he pays you money) it might give you closure. Just an idea.
Interesting. I had no idea there was anything else I could do about it.
Just an Idea!!! Hope it helps you

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