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Posted by bellaroo , 27 January 2013 · 35 views

does my opinion even matter? NO...I feel like no one ever asks for my opinion or even trys to ask I know I have issues deciding...but come on. I just wanted to be treated equally!!!!!! I feel like no one cares...I feel so low. does it matter? I want to disappear. I want to feel better. I just want a rewind button and i will change everything so the good people dont have to suffer...I have so much anger...im scared, with anger comes more depression...how much lower can i get?

ive heard this saying consecutively "you can't keep letting what happened to you a few years ago ruin your life"....cant i just be normal. somedays I wish someone would take a walk in my shoes and tell me how they feel after...I know they wouldnt survive...so dont tell what to do...IM DOING THE BEST I GOD DAMN CAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hissyfit:

Jan 27 2013 08:29 PM
so sorry that you are hurting. I often feel the same way. Just wanted you to know your not alone. Hope that things improve soon.

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