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Posted by Nevetuli , 25 March 2013 · 45 views

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Becca (my puppy) barked at my eldest for wearing his hoody in the house. I LOVE that she barked. Safer feeling.

I have to go shopping this evening. I need a few things basics somewhat like rav. for the kids, milk, bread, eggs and more curly frys. I should really put a list together. I want to make sure I get my fresh veg. Sams club has this huge bag for 5 dollars. Lasts me all week.

I met my goal on Friday. I made the appointment for the boys physicals for the 9th. Get this sport physicals done for them so they can play there football during season.

I am looking at a new car for maybe Black Friday Thanksgiving sale. They say it's like an 8% discount then.

I played Zombie island and Sims with pets and Halo this weekend. I also played World of Warcraft. Was a fun weekend with the boys but I know alot of these games can be so addicting. I wish they had a biblical game in 3d that was like world of warcraft. I would so play that.

Goal for today is make my grocery list and go shopping. Husband said he would go with me from now on. So shopping is strickly on Mondays only. ;)/>/>

This weeks rough spots. Wednesday 27th will be my 2 month anni of dealing with this situation. The SA. I notice I tend to psych myself up before. At least I did last month. A woman (nurse) at the hosital gave me this site on the day it happened. I told my counselor about her and that she had given me a website. I joined this site on March 5th because my counselor thought I should meet other people in my situation. See how they function so that I can see I am normal. I am thankful for this site in many ways.

Sorry if I ramble alittle this week. It's the date.

Grocery list it is!!!
I want to thank all the people who comment on my blog. You are all so wonderful and such a solid support for me. I wish you all lots of inner peace.

Well done for meeting your goals on friday!:)

I'm so glad to read you find it helpful here, I'm so grateful for this place too.
Don't worry about rambling:) Do what you need to do for you.

Good luck with your shopping today :metoyou:
Thank you very much you are such a blessing. Your photo always brightens things for me. Love it.
You are welcome. Oh I'm glad, the mad hatter always me smile :)
:metoyou: I just love it!! lol

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