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Posted by mion_xilolo , 28 April 2013 · 46 views

I hate being afraid of the world, It is even hard for me sometimes to even pay for gas because Im afraid to talk to people. The second I set outside my mind starts to go into a tail spin. My mind starts to look at all the people around what are they doing where they are standing. I start asking myself if that person came after me where could I run where would I go.
Its so hard to even walk around a store, my mind is on fire, my palms start to sweet, and I feel sick to my stomach. I just want to cry and run in hide somewhere.

dear mion xilolo,

iv just joined this group and wanted to say your message really moved me. how terribly horrible that must be for you to be so afraid all the time... its good for you to want to keep your safety foremost in your mind but try try try not to let it dictate your life, easier said than done i know.. your the important one here and not the fear others have placed in you! are their people in your life who are aware of your pain and could support you?

i sincerely hope things start to improve for you real soon,

take care of yourself pet,


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