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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Posted by bellachai , 15 March 2014 · 87 views

Notes to myself:
Sometimes miracles do happen.
Sometimes wishes are granted.
Sometimes prayers are answered.
Sometimes liars tell the truth.
There is always hope.
The agency my daughter's boyfriend is with finally did send him to Wyoming to work an oil field.  He took another guy from here as the guy did not have funds to get there.   He left last Sunday.
No one seemed to know definitely how long he would be needed there.  It is a six hour drive from my home.  He returned this morning. 
My daughter missed  him (such drama) and me well not so much.  I was hoping he would be gone for two weeks at minimum or forever.  However I am grateful for the week.
It has been like a mini vacation for me.  My daughter stayed out here in the livingroom everyday and it felt like the pre boyfriend era.
The boyfriend earned big bucks for those five days and deserved it as he worked hard and long 10hour days.
The guy did not come back with the boyfriend as he got fired the second day for trashing his motel room and catching a bed spread on fire.  Probably drunk and smoking in a non smoking room.
It was nice to have a clutter free livingroom and peace and quiet as the boyfriend can be loud and busy which makes me very nervous.  PSTD makes it difficult but he probably would annoy me even if I did not have PSTD.
Well I suppose I will see what happens from here.

Mar 16 2014 10:39 PM

I'm so glad something good has finally come your way, Bella. 

Thank you (((Susanna))) and (((MJ)))

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