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Rabbit hole writings.

Posted by Caught~the~rye , 25 March 2013 · 57 views

Okay before I put this down I would just like too explain to anyone who reads my blog , there are certain posts in here , that are tung and cheek , in the sense that I don't always go around the bush in sensitivity , this is purely because the "poems" or my o.c are from a book I kept for writing during the dark dark dark years after my attack , I post them up here , one every couple of days , I have hundreds and not all make sense and not all are sun shine pims n lime. However , this raggedly old book is my...was my life , and now I feel able to post these certain ones and be able to in a sense of them being in light of the self. I can hopefully send or gain a connection with any of you angels reading. This is ain't a trigger its the m***** f****** gun.

Okay now the reason I have given you that big spiel , is because clicking through this book I have told you about , I have found written this piece , now I can't remember writing it , buts its definitely me by its , way shall we say, it's not like the others iv put up , is darker , cruder and in all honesty not very good . However my reason behind posting it , as I say is to show the anger , and , that someone who lost their way who had a penchant for the pen can produce something like this , I like to pay homage to who I hav been and where I have been , and to any person who may read , I hope this gives you a contrast on who I am compared to what I have posted so far. ( egocentric sociopathic explanation or what)

Okay it isn't named , and should be but here it is,

Bury me of what I used to be,
But a standard of class about it,
There's going to be redemption,
It happens when you die,
So stop spending the time you have searching for it,
It's not much of a prize.
It's not the fact your a survivor,
It's the fact you kept on living,
He's not a murderer ,
Jus a world class villin
This turned out short barred,
N kinda corny,
Coz some cunt was horny

Laaaaa fin.

I honestly do like your style, it's not comfortable and I really appreciate that. I wish I felt able to put my words and emotions down in such a raw and honest way!
Apr 04 2013 04:52 AM

I honestly do like your style, it's not comfortable and I really appreciate that. I wish I felt able to put my words and emotions down in such a raw and honest way!

thank yew so much , i appreciate the way you say its not comfortable and it raw. i was really quiet worried , about my use of profanity , and the blasay ending . i was nervous it wouldnt recieved well , but this comment from youself , has put me at ease so thank you .

also , anyone can do this , i mean , im 22 ex junkie , who never rele ever went to skwl , i just got the ability to tap some serious emotion , as do you ^_^ theres a spark in all of us. thank you again for the time youv taken to read my stuff (())x
Nooo don't worry about using profanity. I'm not quite sure how to put this so apologies if I waffle lol. Sometimes curses are used and they mean absolutely nothing, when used in a certain situation (your writing) they say much more than a "polite" sentence ever could. You have a real talent for getting emotions across in a way that really hits the reader :) x

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