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I have no idea of a title....

Posted by oma , 27 August 2012 · 84 views

Life is a series of events that has been given to us. Is it possible to change that design. Or do we just 'think' we are changing the course of events on the roads we travel. All the twists, turns and mountains we climb... An illusion... A belief that we do 'change' or 'can' change our journey. Fooling ourselves into believing in something that has been preordained.
To look back on the bigger picture to see the same events repeat themselves with a flaw, without a second thought. No matter what you do the answers remains the same through the course..... of my life anyway....
Maybe the repeated falls, the repeated failures....A sign.. A wake up call... How many times must we be slammed in the face with the truth before we finally say, "okay. I get it" And accept the truth for what it is..... Well, I get it! There is nothing else to say anymore.... Acceptance.....
I think with that being said I have no reason to belong in Pandy's. Today was just another one of those wake up calls for me. I don't even know why I tried... :/

you do belong. it's up to you whether you stay, but you belong here. i'm sorry things aren't changing. :(

holding you in my heart. wishing you safety and comfort.
oma, you belong heres as much as any of us, people are to caugth up in their own conceptions, try not and listen to them. This is your life, your existence, youre doing the best you can

sitting with you

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