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It's over.

Posted by nee , 24 July 2012 · 104 views

well, i think my 2nd marriage is over. i'm tired of being married to a lazy slob. he carries so much baggage with him, it's more than i can handle. i know i come with baggage, but i know there are things that need to be done and get them taken care of.

he's not getting any better. i've told him he needs to go talk to someone if he can't talk to me, but he won't.

sunday things just came to a head. after over a year of asking him to pick up trash in this "man cave" because my 1 yr old grandson comes stays on the weekend, i started doing it myself. i've asked and asked & asked him to please get all his cigarette butts, coke cans, & all the rest of his crap put up. i used to be able to close the door, but we have taken out the wall there and it is just beyond nasty. he would open the door and smoke inside my house....not using an ashtray, just goes right on the floor, on his computer, all over the keyboard, wherever the hell he wants it to go. so sunday, when i started cleaning up, he FINALLY got up and started to help. wtf?? i told him to get away from me. he hasn't spoken to me since. all day when i had my grandson there on sunday....he wouldn't even speak to the baby, wouldn't look at him...nothing. i think that is what reallllyyyyyy pissed me off.

finally found someone i could talk to, my t, and now i can't because i can't afford to go. i had to go to the dentist yesterday because my other front tooth broke in half. now she wants to have both my front teeth removed and there are 3 others that need desperate work on them. thankfully, there is a dental college about an hour away, i'm just wondering where the hell i'm going to get money to even go there. my wonderful husband quit his damn job that had full benefits at the beginning of the year. i have no insurance for this OR my other health issues.

not only that, my stepson is going back to where he used to live (not to his mother, just where he came from to get his high school diploma). i hope it's a good move for him. my husband says when his son leaves, he will be moving out.

not only that....yes, there's more to this freakin story.....my stepsister is going off the deep end. i talked to my mom yesterday (mom has been diagnosed with alzheimer's). she's scared for her life. my stepsis is absolutely nuts. i have no idea how to help her with this.

like my mom says...."life's a bitch and then you die...but sometimes you don't, you just linger there."

So sorry that so much is going on for you. I really do hope that you find some peace for yourself within everything that is hitting you at present.

Talk here or message if you need to talk/offload - I will try to respond asap.

My thoughts are with you, I hope you can be kind to yourself in the midst of this.

Thank you...being good to myself has never been very easy for me.

one day maybe everything will calm down.

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