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Updated 12/19 SEANNA'S CREED

Posted by Seanna , 06 September 2011 · 21 views

Updated 12/19: We've had a death in the family since I wrote this, and had to come face to face with the witches of the west. They were cordial with me, and I still want nothing to do with them. I read my creed to myself before I went and then again in the car before I walked into the funeral home. They could've said anything to me and I wasn't going to crack.


I’ve learned about survivor skills.
why they kick in or shut down when they do.
I will forever live my life for myself.
No longer thinking…What would Mommy think of me?
No longer thinking….Would Mommy allow this?
No longer thinking….What would my Family think of me?

I was treated badly by people that claim to love me
When I needed them to stand by me the most.

They have chosen not to accept my apologies.
They have chosen to be cruel when I needed kindness.
I carry no more guilt of what has been said.
Most was true. I told people the truth about themselves.
What was said in anger has been proven to be the truth
by their actions since.
They chose to tell me the truth about myself.
I listened and sought help. They refuse to listen.

I will not permit anyone to degrade me.
I will not permit anyone to judge my beliefs and philosophies.
I will not permit anyone to make me feel less than who I am again.
I will not permit anybody belittling me as though I am less than them.

I have no regrets for advocating for my children.
I have no regrets for being aggressive when needed.
I have no regrets for standing by my husband
I have no regrets for choosing people not biologically related to me
To be my surrogate family. They have never turned their backs on me.
I have no regrets for not abiding by my families demands of me.
I have no regrets for not joining a cult that disallows individual thinking.

Family means to me: Freedom to be ME.
To laugh, Be silly, Be crazy, be Angry, be Sad and not
Hide my feelings to overt confrontations.

Family means to me: Understanding and forgiveness
To accept an apology and not hold past errors as
Ammunition against them.

I am becoming my own person.
To Think, Breathe and live for myself and no one other.
I will treasure this feeling forever.
It is new. It is Free and it is wonderful.

Sep 06 2011 03:04 PM
I really like your creed, it sounds like where I am working towards. I'm still sorting out my bits about my family, and let me tell you...not even a box of puppies could turn it all right.

It's a hard thing, to be your own person, but it looks to cost so much more when you aren't

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