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sentencing was yesterday

Posted by survadvo , 14 August 2012 · 38 views

yesterday was the day i found out how long my perp ... Kevin Foster will be in prison for

13 years with life on the sex offenders register

he may be out in half but he got the most the could have possibly have given him... he will never be allowed to work with children or be around children without being supervised. my cousins are safe !

there is still apart of my head that sits there and thinks wow, his life is ruined for ever .... but i now realise it isnt my fault thats happened, they were his choices and his actions. i was a child, he was the adult

people expect me to celebrate have parties .... i just dont understand what there is to celebrate .... im so happy that he wont be able to hurt people, im over the moon that he will be on the register for life ! but i dont feel how people are wanting me too.

ive just realised how innocent i was, he got the maximum sentence, 13 years ! its made me realise that what he put me through was bad .... i was an innocent child and he shouldnt have done that to me. i never thought that he would get that long ... i guess because i didnt realise how bad the abuse was in the eyes of the law ... i guess i had belittled the situation in order to deal with it. "it wasnt that bad" " i deserved some of it" "i didnt do well in court so he wont get long at all"

my cousins i feel for their father will not see them again untill they are least 12 and 13 ... what scares me is that he will get out of prison when they are at the "right" age for him .... god knows how they feel right now, living with their grandparents, no father no mother.

i was told that my perps mother is being made to go for counselling, as she wont believe, she is looking after the children, and she wont believe he did it, so social services have requested her to go to counselling. how can she not believe, he was found guilty, he has been sentenced... she sat in the court and heard what he did to me. i know its her son and she Doesnt want to believe he was capable of that but surely it couldnt smack her in the face much harder ! how can you be that delusional.

i was told that it wont be put in the papers but there is always a chance, il find out on friday for the local paper to comeout and il check the paper the week after.

my aunt cried when she heard
my friend said they wanted to party
the mother of another witness jumped up and down for joy
other friends asked if i were okay

"yay thats good ... is that what you hoped for ?"
.... how can anyone hope for any result ? ... i mean if he had only got a couple years yea id be hurt that i went through all that for a short sentence... its not about punishing him from my point of view ... its about protecting vulnerable people, im just over the moon that he is on the sex offenders register for the rest of his life !
"hey thats great news were gonna have a big party now" .... what is there to feel happy about ? im relieved but not happy. im glad its all over and i can now move on from things. but i dont want to celebrate .... i dont hate Kevin Foster but i am glad he is no longer able to hurt people.
"fuckin good job too. stupid question how are you" this would be the one comment from my friends which i could understand.... good job he is in prison for a long time, good job that all the witnesses did to get it, good job that the judge chose this sentence, good job that the jury found him guilt, good job of the prosecution barrister. good job of the child protection team workers, .... how am i ? il be okay, il get back on my feet, Kevin Fosterhas no power over me now and im going tolive my life to its potential and i feel strong enough to do that.

You give me strength, I've been having similar thoughts and feelings about getting my dad arrested, I hope I am as brave and strong as you are when it comes to the trial. I'm so scared he will get off and my niece and nephews will get hurt.

I'm so glad you used his name, it takes more of his power away.
You never deserved what happened to you, no one does.

Take care
thanks for your comment, its not easy but it is doable and afterwards, well lets just say, its no longer a secrete and for me that made it easier to deal with, take good care of yourself x
Survadvo- Sending you positive energy and hugs if okay :hug:
thank you irish leo, very appreciated x

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