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Georgia Iris (a poem for my stillborn baby)

Posted by HiddenPoet , 29 January 2012 · 169 views


Georgia Iris.
My first child,
My little one,
My love.
I haven't been able to write
a single word for you
Until now.

On this day, your anniversary,
There was no push into life for you;
No cries,
No mothers milk.
They gave me a pill to dry me up,
To erase my maternal feeling.
They could not evaporate the mother in me.
I cried for you eternally.
At my most despairing,
I long to be with you again;
With you - the one who holds the truth of me-
Bad, good
Damaged, intact
Ugly, beautiful
Discarded, accepted.

I didn't know what to call myself.
Was I a mother
if my baby was dead?
Was I deserving of that title
If I murdered you with my imperfection?
I could not be mother, life giver.
I would not bring joy, or hope.
I gave birth to the deformed representation
Of the damaged me.
Mangled hand,
Missing leg bone,
Heart too small.

But to me, you were beautiful,
My precious baby.
I loved every part of you.
I remember every touch of you,
Warm, silky, smooth;
The next day cold.
I touched your lips,
I held your hand,
I cradled you.
Your skin translucent and bruising;
Too delicate for this world,
But always safely held
Inside my heart.

Georgia Iris
My first child,
My little one,
My love

Jan 29 2012 11:25 PM
I'm short on words, but here's a hug if you want it. :hug: I'm sorry.
Mar 03 2012 01:32 AM
Never being able to hear ones child cry and feel them breathe is a loss that you will never forget Hidden.
No wonder you have been struggling Hidden.

:hug: from 1249

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