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A Rough Couple of Days

Posted by bellachai , 20 March 2013 · 53 views

The gas/heat was shut off yesterday and it is 36 degrees in my house. I am cold. My daughter's boyfriend opened the account. I applied for assistance and was granted it but it does not pay for all of it. Not enough money to pay for it.

Still waiting for Social Security disability.

My daughter gets paid for 8.5 hours a week for my personal care. She finally got another person permanently last week and able to still do my personal care. She worked 3 days when she had to call 911 as the lady was having a hard time breathing. She is still waiting to see if the lady will be returning to her assisted living apartment.

My daughter's boyfriend is not working but he has picked up a few jobs hauling metal out of people's yard and then he takes it to recycling places and gets money. Not much but better than nothing.

I have blown off two doctor's appointments. I am so sick of doctors, being in pain, money issues, drama and just existing.

Perhaps I should look forward to being an ice cube. Everyone that comes here will be too cold to talk or move and I am already too cold to care.

There is more but my fingers don't move so well in the cold.

Blessings to all

Hugs to you hun i am sorry you are having to liven without heat hun i did not thing that was allowed hun to shut off ones heat winter time thought that was illegal I hope you can get it back on soon hugs
Oh bellachai I'm sorry yu aren't more comfortable at home. I hope you can have some heat soon. :hug:
I'm sorry this is so hard for you. Thinking of you.

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