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Posted by sakura7792 , 09 August 2011 · 85 views

well...where do I even begin? What I have overcome in this year has been overwhelming. It was if my yearning to heal rippled through the universe and I attracted all these amazing, wise people to help carry me over the fire. One there to hold me when I was afraid, to love me and protect me...Another there to give me advice, tools and guidance; A strong woman to admire and respect, a woman to follow; And a baby sister full of innocence, life and love to inspire me to be better, to be all I could be for her, to fight against my demons and stand tall against things I once ran from. Each of these people have greatly contributed to my healing journey, of course there is more healing to be done. But then again...won't there always be something to heal from? I am truly blessed to have this oppurtunity to be able to be what I believed I could never be again.

I have learnt that what they say about just look forward isn't actually true. Its more like look at right now...right this very second. Because that's all you can change. You have no power over the past and minimal control over the future; "In order to succeed in the future, you must first function effeciently in the now".
And what goes with that is, all that is required of you is to do your best in the present.
I have learnt a lot of great tips, coming from a lot of different resources and instead of writing an extremly long blog, please feel free to send me a message and I can pass it on.

My love goes out to all those survivors out there,

-Sakura :butterfly:

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