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Posted by Nevetuli , 28 March 2013 · 96 views

Eggs and toast this morning. Becca is still getting beef, and rice with some dry dog food. I put her on Eukanuba for german shep pups. I was debating the wolf food but I don't think I want her breath smelling like fish all the time.

I LIVED THRU YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goal achieved. I also got in touch with my advocate and I am going to start being apart of the investigation. Possibly even court. I still have a rough time talking. I know I am 33yrs old and wow why can't I talk?? I can't explain that but I am writing things down and trying to read them outloud. SHOCK of hearing myself. I don't know maybe I am psyching myself out.

My son twisted his ankle at practice so I have to go buy him an ankle support. He will be missing practice today he's frusterated. So I plan to take him out to dinner. maybe some one on one time with mom will help his bad day!

It's the 28th. YAY that is so exciting. You know Feb 27th I couldn't even move out of my bed I was so upset. And this 27th I got in touch with my counselor to get involved in my case. I feel like I am stronger then I was. :yahoo:

:cuppa: sounds good and my coffee pot just went off!

So goal is to get the brace for my son and take him to dinner. (I am secretly filling my day)

Mar 28 2013 12:44 PM
Well done! I know it is a struggle sometimes to breathe but one breath at a time, one step at a time. You are a survivor.

Keep living, keep breathing.

If you need someone to lean on you can PM me anytime. I will listen and offer you support and friendship and care.
Safe hugs (if ok)
Omg you are the bestest heart ever to offer that kind of support. I mean that you have a wonderful heart. I hope you know how important people like you are in this world.

Your right I am a survivor. I've never said that before. Thank you very much. Means alot to me.

I hope your pup keeps doing well, yeah fish breath doesn't sound too fun :P.

Seriously, well done for yesterday. You should be so proud of yourself :yahoo: :yahoo:

I hope it isn't patronising from a 19 year old but you are doing really well :).

I don' think your age has anything to do with it, no one expects to have to do this. Oh I so get that, when I have read things out I can't quite believe that's me.

Aww I hope your sons ankle gets better soon. Oh that's a really lovely plan for him, really thoughtful :D.

walvescamme is right you are a survivor and you are doing so so well :metoyou: .

Enjoy your coffee, dinner with son and make sure you praise yourself! :)
Shucks MissHannah no it is not patronising. Your age is a wonderful age. You are such beautiful person.

Thank you for the support always. I just love seeing your comments. That picture is I LOVE IT! :yahoo:

I am proud of myself. Miss I am proud of you too. :yay: You have such a bright heart. I hope you are proud of that!
Thank you so much. You are too Nevetuli.

You are so welcome, Thank you too :). I'm so glad you like to see them, Johnny Depp looks so cool in everything he does but I love him as the mad hatter :D.

I'm proud of you too. That means so much too me, Thank you. Hmm I'm getting a bit more confident :P.
You are Worth it sweetie. I am worth it.. we can do this... Hang in there with me precious. :hi5: :hug:

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