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Posted by Kaity , 20 August 2012 · 48 views

How to save a life.
Step 4.

If you could imagine a perfect world, what would it be? Where would you be, what would you do?

My world would have only love, there would be no broken hearts or sad tears. I would be happy, living in a small town with a large family and the best man to call my husband. I'd have many many friends and we'd always laugh when we were together. I'd be a successful business woman and a mother with kids who could never do any wrong to stop me from loving them.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”
― Albert Einstein

That is my dream and I am determined to make it happen.

I hope your dream comes true. Blessings
Hi, I have so much in my life now of what you imagine your dream to be, I agree a strong foundation of love is the key to a person conquering anything life throws at them, and with that success follows. I'm sure you would still love your kids even if they did wrong, for we give our kids unconditional love............well all parents in a perfect world would anyway! Hope you live your dream one day! Linda

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