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Its coming 1 AM

Posted by LadyTerri , 28 October 2005 · 153 views

And I HAVE to be at work tomorrow.At nine which means I have to be out of here by 7:30.NOT good I say.
Im thinking that maybe a group isnt the place for me.Im thinking Ive loads more to process before group process comes.
Im thinking it needs to be sooner rather than later.Its sitting in front of me, everything Ive denied the past 3 years.
This thought has also struck me.Im scared to be wounded here.I made this world of mine strong and safe & full .But at the same time,Im scared to become needy & wounded - something that is so very present.I made this world because I NEEDED a place to be.I made the connections & the friendships while I was open and raw and still very much wounded.It was out of necessity that it came to be.But how come I can not trust it?
Maybe lack of sleep is clouding my thought processes...
back to the salt mines ...

Im just checking to see if this works

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