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Being a survivor means...

Posted by Tillit , 26 April 2012 · 45 views

So there's a thread on the forums, 1001 things it means to be a survivor, where people post little gems that reflects life with this particular kind of past.
I'm not a r* survivor -- but I do struggle with my inner demons due because something has happened, and I'm not saying what. But either way, I decided to gather the ones that ressonated with me. I've merged a couple and done some very minor editing, and I do not mean any disrespect in doing so. These all mean something to me, and I'm sharing them because I'm glad they were posted. In the order they appeared in the thread...
  • How about being a survivor means jumping at the lightest touch.
  • laughing at yourself sometimes!
  • coming to terms with the fact that you may have to cut off some family connections.
  • finding out you can conquer your past and the world even if it means taking baby steps.
  • having so much to say and not being able to find the words... <-- I love writing, but I find it far harder to express myself eloquently when discussing SA
  • Being a survivor means you know it can happen to you.
  • choosing to stay single, or trust someone with the truth. Choosing apathy over the danger of passion and emotion
  • Being a survivor means that yes, it was that bad. You can heal, anyway.
  • Being a survivor means that you've made it so far already...you can keep going.
  • Being a survivor means being scared of everyday things that others may take for granted
  • Being a survivor means being really uncomfortable talking about anything to do with intimacy and pretending you're not
  • It mean we can recognize fellow survivors and pick them out of a crowd. <-- I've got a tendency to feel I recognize people who have become survivors in some way. No clue how many times I'm right, but the "ability" sure is there.
  • It means feeling torn, scared, and angry when uninformed people make jokes of a violent or sexual nature. <-- And how.
  • not having your emotions in check and losing it on occasion. <-- See above.
  • fearing rejection and at the same time never letting anyone get too close.
  • Being a survivor means being triggered by everyday things that people take for granted. <-- Ya...
  • endless sleepless nights.
  • Being a survivor is 24/7 full time.
  • Being a survivor means once you are comfortable with intimacy and you find it---you would like to keep it.
  • Being a survivor means forgiving yourself.
  • Being a survivor means letting go of the things in your past that you cannot change and moving on with the things you can.
Keep up the good fight.

Thank you for this post <3

Very true and tragic but also words of hope.
Thanks :)

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