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Pieces of me

Posted by Ludditesunited , 14 October 2013 · 85 views

I woke from a strange nightmare last night. My boyfriend said he held me to calm me. I do not wish to go into detail of the dream- I never relive past memories in my dreams- it's always just strange symbolic stuff. I just thinking it is my brain taking a dump :shy:/> and that is normal. I sometimes get a strange flowing of thoughts after my dreams when I wake. It's like everything just seems right, and has its place in the world, even the really bad stuff. And I revel in my ability to put it back together, and make things normal-ish.

:metoyou: Hi- understand about the nightmares- at least that I have them too- and they are really weird and I don't like to go into detail about them- and yes! the flowing of thoughts afterwards that seem so out of nowhere?

I am glad you are able to put it all back together- it sometimes takes me quite a while to do that. I love your term normal-ish- I am going to strive for that- glad to see you writing and here's a blanket if you need it next time you wake up- :blanket: take care- 98lily98

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