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race 4 life

Posted by starq , 29 June 2012 · 182 views

So.. i haven t been doing so wel physically and mentally recently.. but i signed up for the race for life 5k run/jog/ walk.. It takes part this weekend.. i am determind to do this wether i have to crawl over the line or not.. i will complete it. :) here is my t-shirt.. it has my name on the front and this is the back. i think i have around 150 sponsers :)
I can do this.. and since i have been fighting for life literally recently.. it is something i have to do for myself. wish me luc k xxz

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You CAN do this queenie! If we take it slow, step by step, we can all do this "race for life" somehow. Cheering you on every step of the way!! Remember disappearing ain't allowed! ;)

squishiest *hugs*
Wishing you the BEST OF LUCK and success in your Race for Life! We will be cheering you on the entire way and don't forget to stay hydrated. :)

I love the PINK & congrats on raising that much in sponsorships too!
star you are someone i really believe can do absolutely anything you set your mind to. i never really believed that phrase until now.

thanks for inspiring me. i love the pink too. ;)

it must be today! or tomorrow? good luck my amazing friend. xx

You amaze me, thinking about what you have been through lately and yet you get back up time after time, fighting back. I will be with you in spirit and cheering you on every step of the way. :yahoo:

Loving the pink too. The very best of luck Hun.

pinkbell xoxo
i'll get out my pompoms again (ha that's appropriate for pommy land) to cheer you on... give me an s...give me a t.... ok we don't really do cheerleading here so i'm not very good. but i'll be cheering for you!
:) thanks u guys. a not.lonng to.go.. trying to sleep but butterflies in stomach.. ants in pants :o: xx
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woooh. so tiredd now bt happy :) xx
starry, i am so so proud of you, we all are!!! the zooming legend, lol. never forget we are right there beside ya, always cheering ya on!! way to go star, i know you'll go far!
tre xx
well done, have done this once before, you've done great ! your amazing! x

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