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Childhood Stuff (may trigger)

Posted by Hurricane2 , 12 August 2012 · 17 views

In a dark room under the covers warm
Thought a safe place, be sworn my cover.
In youthful dream of lust and beauty;
A destroyer came and toppled those pillars
Of a castle safety keeps in childhood stuff.

A dream of summer sun warm and free
The beauty lies bathing under blue skies.
Woman friend quickly covers from my youthful eyes
And with a grin forgiven shoes me and I flee,
To my castle's safety keeps in childhood stuff.

The day aspires to peer through pine and holly
This bathing beauty soaking sun's summer breeze.
Then, the queen of my castle safety keeps
In childhood stuff I come running home.
A Boy's maturing thirst from childhood stuff.

The eve of play under such a burning sun
warms the eyes fevered cheeks I'm weary.
The queen thus bathes her babe ready to dream
Under the castles safe covers of sleep.
There in safety conjures a dream to keep.

In Dream she waits for me for me under sun and stars.
Inviting first infantile love pure to bloom
The warmth of she, scent of her, to kiss as a groom.
Then the lightning flashed through the dark
I bit her finger she filled my mouth, The destroyer came.

I woke in horror my love was stained
Fear kept my eyes closed shut to strain
My mouth was full could not spit or swallow
I was still did not move as the pillars fell
The destroyer was here and left unseen.

There's is no place safe for us in our ruins
As I wander the castle's grounds seeking who he might have been.
(I remember now)
In a castle's safety kept forgetting this destroyer
Till I saw him in again in another room
Tearing these castle pillars felling them like trees

(line omitted)
(line omitted)
And I still fought to forget the destroyer of dreams
The destroyer of youth: The destroyer of me.
I remain still among the wreckage of those pillars
To see if my destroyer would now show his face.

***B****** 2012

Wow, that is very moving. I am so sorry. :hug:

Wow, that is very moving. I am so sorry. :hug:

Thank you Granny36. right back at you. :hug:

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