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Breaking point. :(

Posted by mrsmunson2009 , 27 September 2011 · 189 views

Today started off great. And it has ended in disaster.

Let me recap first.

I live in a duplex. I lived in the downstairs apartment when my attack happened. My landlords never changed their locks because they have known my attacker since he was little, as he used to live in my apartment before he moved to his own house on the same parcel of land. So, he had his own key.

After the attack, she offered me the upstairs apartment, let me have a guard dog and even changed the locks right in front of me and added a deadbolt. Now, some say I should have been furious with her, because if she had done her job as a landlord, this whole thing never would have happened.

We have been in the upstairs apartment now for about a month and she just recently had someone moving in downstairs. Let me rephrase that. They hadn't moved in fully YET, they were still working on moving their things in.

My husband and I were getting our laundry off the clotehs-line today when they called him over to talk. NOT ME, mind you. Just my husband. So I went inside and waited. When he came back, he had some interesting things to say. Apparently, the woman who was moving in downstairs has changed her mind because she could not handle hearing footsteps above her and she could not handle hearing the dogs paws pitter-pattering over the floor.

Like this is somehow my fault? When you move in somewhere and you have a neighbor above you, it's not going to be exactly quiet.

So my landlords gave us three options. 1) we can leave. 2) we get rid of the dog 3) we move back downstairs.


For once, I refuse to move back downstairs where my attack happened! Why would she even ask me to do something like that? And she KNOWS I can't get rid of my dog.....as my husband works nights and I'm home alone, I need a guard dog! HELLLLLOOOOO!! This was basically her saying in a polite way that they don't want us living here anymore. Like it's our fault the lady downstairs was way too fucking picky about hearing feet!!!! COME ON!!!!

Now, I am forced to find a new place to live and I am beyond pissed off. I am at my wits end. I have had just as much as I can deal with. How much more am I going to have thrown at me before I break??? In my opinion, if she did her job as a landlord to begin with, this shit never would have happened! So why the fuck am I being the one punished????? :angry: :bawling:

Sep 27 2011 07:49 PM
Did you ever refer her name to the BBB or something? Because what she did was a bit of a dick move on her part. I'm thinking she's doing this because it is easier to attack YOU than actually do her bloody job. To say that I am not pleased is an understatement. I'd say move to my state but the folks here are kinda gun happy and my dogs wouldn't leave you alone.

That being said, I am sorry that's happening. It isn't fair. It isn't right, and honestly...it's a WTF moment.
If you live in the US, most states have victims compensation that cover things like this, have you checked into it?
I'm so sorry this is happening to you, it's so unfair. Your landlady sounds very unreasonable, especially onsidering the fact that she bears some responsibilty in the unsafe apartment circumstances downstairs by allowing someone other than the tenant and herself to have a key. And what utter gall to put you and your husband in a position where you might have to move. I hope your landlord comes to her senses. You should look online and investigate your legal options for your state, she shouldn't be able to evict you under such circumstances. Hope it works out in you favor.
it wasnt right of your land lord to be that way. but if you think about it in a diffrent way, it may just be a good thing. you might find somewhere better get to keep the wee pup. get to be away from where it happened. but its not your fault anyone can see that. dont you think it is ashley!!! :) xoxox

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