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Ugly Love

Posted by aaronj331 , 30 July 2013 · 193 views

I'm Trying but my visions is distorted
I've been fighting too long
I tend to run when things go wrong
It's easier to just give up
Cause it's only beauty when its ugly

I'm Trying but my feelings are distorted
I've been fighting too long
I tend to run when things go wrong
It's easier to just give up
Cause it's only beauty when its ugly, Love

My broken hearts an open target
I'm standing on a wall they're throwing darts and
Is it my fault I'm feeling so exposed? huh?
Feels like I'm laying in an open coffin.

Sometimes, sometimes I don't know what to say,
When we're together it's an awkward space,
And i don't do to well wit this rejection,
So I wanna pack my bags, can I walk away,
But I know I cannot get up please don't push me, I'm on one knee
Only want is to spend time, but she don't want my company
Everything is so surface, but I'm trying to see what is underneath
And I know love ain't perfect, but I never knew it'd be ugly

I shoulda never listened what they told us
They told us love was chocolates and a box of roses
They told us love was bridal gowns and wedding bells
But the darkest side is what they never showed us
Who ever told me it would be this way
They never told me I would need to pray
The picture painted was so rosy, was so rose you
Couldn't see the grey
I lit my candles thinking love would be a piece of cake

But the relationships that go uphill
Try to win but they just fail
They can tend to get messy
Like red juice when my cup spill
Who can I really trust will
They hurt me or desert me
And I'm trying to figure out what's real like
"Lord please have mercy"(I'm trying)

That's why I'm like Yes Sir!
The kind of love I'm talking make your flesh hurt
When friends and family getting on your last nerve
Ain't no expert
But the emotions is so funny because At First
It's all rushing in with excitement
Fluttering and it's nice and
Sunshine and Rainbows
and it's Thundering and lightning
Chest bumps and handshakes
Disappointment and heartbreaks
But you don't know what that love about
Till you've been through that and it's called grace
When, you're standing with me in the down times
When the money's low and I downsize
When the screams from the crowd dies
If you love me when it's ugly
Then that's beautiful in God's eyes

Jul 31 2013 08:58 AM
*sitting with you* I empathize.
ohhh thank you blondie2002 :)

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