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Food Diary Day 22

Posted by ~SugarNSpice~ , 23 April 2011 · 98 views

I couldnt fall asleep last night. But I didnt stay up eating the whole time like usual. I did have a 6 pack of beer tho....

No breakfast since i slept in, just having some chai tea to get myself going.
Going out tonight to celebrate my guys new job, today and tomorrow are gunna be diet breakers, but Im hoping to get back on track after the "holiday"

Apr 23 2011 10:34 PM
Blowing my diet tonight was totally worth it. And we walked to the casino, so Prob about a 2 mile trek there before we ate. I had French Onion Soup with applejack brandy and Gruyère cheese,a selection of french, cranberry almond, and jalapeño bread with sweet Hawaiian butter with pink salt, and a 12 oz Angus beef burger with Applewood bacon and black diamond aged cheddar on a brioche bun. I still have 3/4 of it left and my guys french fries. Along with a Mojito for me and a Million Dollar Margarita for my Man, with our players club stuff our original bill of almost $100 only cost us $26 for the night. plus he won $60 at the poker tables, and of the $10 I put into the machines I still have a voucher for $8.50. Can you say WINNING!?!?

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