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I am scared, I am excited I am scared

Posted by bellachai , 08 May 2013 · 186 views

I received a call just a few minutes ago from the Social Security office in Denver. He stated that I did not need to go to the doctor's appointment they scheduled for me. What doctor's appointment? Apparently I have not received that request in the mail yet. He stated I did not need to go cuz they have all the information from my doctor's and my paperwork was being already being processed. I asked if he could tell me the determination. Of course he couldn't BUT he did tell me to call him next Friday and he could tell me if all the paperwork was done then I could call the Social Security Office I sent my application and they could tell me over the phone if I have been approved for disability or not then it would be lawyer time for an appeal.

This is my second round with Social Security. The first round I went through all the appeals and was denied. The first time around Social Security made appointments to be evaluated by their doctor and psychiatrist. That was not fun might have as well have let robots evaluate me.

The State of Colorado has me permanently disabled since I fell and broke my ankle and arm plus I am now more ill then I was the first time around cuz Social Security and even I did not know then that I had sleep apnea, anemia and a clotting disorder along with major depression, fibromyalgia, and COPD.

So since they are not sending me this time to any of their doctors for confirmation my gut is doing summersaults in the assumption that they are taking the word of my doctors and hospital documents. Or am I just being presumptuous and wishful and delusional?

It is pretty sad that I sound so happy about being more ill but I am going on five years being a burden to my family. If they do approve me I will get arrears payment back to November 2010. I am guestimating that amount to be about $30,000.00. That would mean paying most of my debt to my mother so she can stop being a martyr and making the severe sacrifices she is in helping me, her own flesh in blood daughter even though she is worth at least monetarily anyway close to half a million. I would then get to take care of my own finances and live alone with my pets.

Then I invision and am afraid that Social Security is sick of dealing with me so they are not making any appointments and are going to say never apply again.

I am not telling anyone in my rl what I just was told. I will tell them when I feel like it.

What do any of you think. This conversation is good news or bad news?

Blessings to all

May 08 2013 06:16 PM
It feels like good news to me. I'm hoping with you while you wait.

May 08 2013 07:11 PM
:wub: :blanket: :cuppa:

I'm crossing my fingers for you! You are so deserving of this. I too take this as good news.

Sitting with you in anticipation!
Love you Sweet One!
good luck good luck good luck!!! everything crossed for you. so hope it means this time it was a no brainer, and you'll have good news next friday.

if those f**kwits deny you again i will be so mad i'll come over there myself to slap them. i'm sure that would really help your case... :rolleyes:

the arrears payment is a great thing....don't know what else to say but you REALLY are entitled to this and i hope they bloody agree this time.


HOpe all goes well hugs
Thank you all so very much. Even if they deny me I can appeal but that will mean waiting again for one to two years. The courts are so backed up due to the economy being so bad still. It sort of feels like they are trying out waiting me to my death. How awful is that? I would not wish on any of this on any of you here. So I can say to myself either 'good things come to those who wait' OR 'no one promised me a rose garden' or even a weed patch. :metoyou:
May 10 2013 08:43 PM
Good news. I am hoping for the best for you, Bella. You deserve this.
keeping my fingers crossed :metoyou:
Thank you ravel. :)

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