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Posted by ButtercupPr , 09 February 2012 · 57 views

I have a cat whose name is Max. He is a gorgeous kitty. I chose him from the shelter because he was so fluffy and purred when I held him. I wanted a pretty fluffy kitty to keep my feet warm at night, to snuggle with me, and to be my companion. I paid the shelter fee and I brought him home. I was so happy to have this darling fuzzy cat. He was so adorable every time I saw him I would pick him up for a cuddle. His response was to panic and flee. How could this be? All I wanted to do was love him. Did he not know that I would not do him harm? So I continued. Whenever I would see him I would pick him up for a cuddle. He would learn eventually that all I wanted to do was love him. But he didn't. What he learned was that I scared him. I made him nervous. He didn't want to be near me. All he would do was panic and run. I was angry. How could he do this to me? I cared for him, I loved him!

Despite my good intentions Max and I were at odds. Then we moved. I had no time to grab him and hold him, hoping he would respond. Funny thing happened. He responded. This cat who did not want to be near me wanted to be near me. Don't get me wrong, he still hates to be held. BUT he comes to me, lets me stroke him, and purrs like a lion.

The part that disturbs me about my relationship with Max is that I was Max. How could I not recognize that I was treating this darling creature the way I was treated? I am grateful that I did learn that love comes on its own terms. So very grateful.

It sounds as if you and Max learned something that benefits you both.

I have six cats, well three of them are my daughters that I take care of while she is in college. My three are all females and each has their own unique personality.

I cannot seem to sleep tonight so I am in my chair with my youngest female asleep on my feet singing away.

Cats are great companions. Blessings
Aww...that's sounds sweet. I've 2 cats I take care of, neither actually belong to me. I'm watching them for 2 different military families and I'll be super sad when they leave my company. I love that they meow to me every morning for food and then meow for love and attention. I love them. They're just cute. I go out and mush them often. I love mushing animals. They're just mushy-mushy...so soft and mushable. LOL! Don't worry, they enjoy it as well.

I really, really, really want an all black, short-haired kitten with bright blue eyes. I've had many cats throughout my life, mostly black ones. I don't know why I love animals with all black fur/hair. I want to find a kitty like that someday, regardless of how much he/she costs. Who knows...maybe I'll find one soon. Nonetheless, I want it to be a kitten, not a full grown cat as he/she needs to grow with me.

Take care...

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