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Why is what has happened to us funny to so many people?

Posted by lotus~flower , 19 April 2013 · 67 views

It shocks me that people joke about r***. I understand that so many people in our culture accept these, and so many other insensitive jokes, "okay", but I don't understand how it is perpetuated. When will people start thinking before they speak?

Today I was on a bus with my Junior class today and I heard 3 jokes about r***. One was one of those stupid, awful sloth memes going around, and 2 were comments like "*pokes someone* haha I'm finger r**ing you!" NOT FUNNY PEOPLE!!!!!I was having a pretty crappy day before this happened, and it has literally ruined my weekend.

Usually I'm pretty shameless in scolding people for using this word lightly, and that's what I did with one of the kids who told a joke...but is it weird that I feel really bad for not telling off the girl who was passing around the meme? I know it's not my responsibility to do this, but I feel like I should have.

Finally, pretty much the only boy I've let myself be friends with LAUGHED at the meme. It hurt my feelings so much. I don't think he realized that by laughing at this he would be offending me so deeply..but I really do believe that he should have thought of all that I had told him before just accepting the meme as funny. It's just that I trust him and have confided in him at times, and he has completely crushed that by thinking something like that was funny.

Will this ever stop...will people ever realize that it is not appropriate to say things like this in public?

Apr 20 2013 05:33 AM
I feel your pain. These kind of jokes and comments are far too common in our society. I'm ashamed to admit that when I was younger I also made light of it and only now do I fully recognise how wrong that was. People will continue to make light of rape as long as it is made acceptable to do so by society. To stop it we must change everyone's mentality and attitude towards it.
It's awful - I'm glad you scolded the kid who told the joke. It's bad enough that we have to survive r*** without also having to educate the ignorant idiots about how its not funny.
You are right that people do not think before speaking and by making jokes of abuse is ignorant. Survivors are more sensitive to picking up anything that has abuse attached to it.

Parents and society need to be educated on what is appropriate and that abuse in any form is not appropriate. It will always be work in progress.

When I hear jokes like you did I always say "that is so not funny". Saying something often helps me lower my anxiety to being triggered. Not all of it but some.

I am sorry for all the pain you are experiencing. Take good care of you.

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